Andrassy 8 hotel restaurant and bar - design 2014 - construction 2015 | Budapest The historical building renovation into a hotel (designed by ARCHICON) incorporates two independent units: an existing store and a newly built bar and restaurant. These have separate entrances from Andrássy street, allowing the investor to lease them separately. The restaurant and bar design had unique challenges. On one hand, it is an unseparable area of the hotel since it fulfills many necessary functions: breakfast area and lounge bar. On the other hand, it also serves the public, as a street-opening bar. It is one property, although the design separates the dark, intimate bar from the light, sunlit breakfast area. The long, narrow area is divided by steel shelf structures, and behind every shelf, you find a different space. A market-like, barstool furnished block for quick breakfast, but there is also a place with comfortable armchairs and carpeted floors. The bar design incorporates the historical little yellow underground running under Andrássy street. The colors bring out the 100-year old buildings structure.