About Us

established the office in 2005.

este’r partners was established in 2005 by the sole owner and CEO Eszter Radnóczy (IDI Interior Design Institute, Milan, MBF Bocconi University, Milan, Corvinus University, Budapest).

Our portfolio is based on widespread national and international architectural and inetrior design mandates which by demand, we construction wise fully realise on our own through our construction entity.
Our engagement is based on private and institutional mandates. Besides houses, appartments and loftbuildings our portfolio also contains the restauration of Castles and other Heritage Buildings. On the institutional side our portfolio comprehenses not only Hotels, Restaurants and Bars but also Shops, Galleries, Museums and a Sports Stadium.
All our projects are accompanied and supervised by specially selected highly trained and experienced architects and designers.

We have a great emphasis that next to our planning procedure the phase of the actual creation is accompanied by consultation and supervision through the responsible architect and/or designer.

All this guarantees the fulfillment of the project according to the exact planning guidelines in the light of set timelimits and budget costs .

„It is and was always my goal that we permanenty create worthful ,tailormade and above all unique and stylish solutions for every project of our clients”.

Eszter Radnóczy

Our Team

Eszter Radnóczy

chief designer, founder

IDI Interior Design Institute Milan, Bocconi University Milan, Corvinus University of Budapest

Hungarian, Italian, German, English

Csilla Szabó

lead architect - designer

Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Master Course

Hungarian, English, German

Réka Harkay-Farkas

economist, financial manager

Budapest College of Management, Faculty of Business Communication, ADN Expert

Hungarian, German, English, Russian

Krisztina Szabó

office manager

Budapest Technical College, technical manager, clothes-textile-leather specialization; Junior Art Education Centre, interior designer
Hungarian, English

Fanni Gyurics

interior designer

KREA Contemporary Art School

Hungarian, English, Italian

Mónika Szommer

interior architect

University of West Hungary Institute of Applied Art
Hungarian, English

Maria Bige

interior designer

Technical University of Debrecen
Kurzus School of Interior Design

Hungarian, English

Kinga Ferdinandy


Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture


Zsófia Wéber

sales manager

Eötvös Loránd University Aesthetics-History of Art, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, translator and interpreter in Italian language
English, Italian

Hajni Zellei

interior designer

KREA Contemporary Art School

Hungarian, English

László Böröczky

project manager

University of Miskolc, Institute of Cultural and Visual Anthropology

Hungarian, English

Stefano Vass


Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture; Universita degli Studi di Firenze, School of Architecture, Florence, Italy
Hungarian, Italian, English

Tamara Soós

graphic designer

Szent Istvan University, horticultural engineer
Hungarian Business Training Academy, graphic designer

German, English

Éva Nagy


Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Éva Hencsel-Varga

financial officer

College of Szombathely, Italian faculty
Banking studies FEBI

Italian, English

Andrea Kovács

sales manager

Budapest Business School, international management

Italian, German

Solongo Bayarkhuu

architect, Interior designer

Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Architecture,  Master Course , Faculty of Design; Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture,  Master Course
Mongolian, English

Balázs Szoltsányi


Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture

Hungarian, English

István Nagy

site manager

Zsolt Miklósovics


Milan office

Waves Project

Waves Project Ltd is an architecture and interior design studio, based in Milan, founded in 1992 by Stefano Napolitani. Waves Project develops highly creative projects for real estate investment companies. In the last years, Waves Project acquired considerable work in Milan, Budapest and Cayman Islands, designing, and planning diverse new projects, such as a beachfront condo with 24 luxury apartments, community residences and private houses. Stefano Napolitani is an esteemed profound connoisseur of the real estate market.


Stefano Napolitani

Leader of Milan Office