Celebrating two years of creativity in Milan with interior designer Eszter Radnóczy

Two years ago you opened your Italian partner office in Milan. What were the achievements and how was this period?

Our most important goal, when we founded our partner office in Milan has been fulfilled: we can work and design together with our partner, Stefano Napolitani and Waves Project Ltd. We are looking for international opportunities in our cooperation, and this year we were able to present an exciting project together: the elegant home in a porcelain shell is the first visible expression of the values we share.

Both Italians and Hungarians were severely affected by the pandemic this year. How was it for your company?

The past year was a real test for the entire construction industry, I hope that an upswing is coming now. I always look at difficult situations with a glass-half-full kind of attitude, my team consists of creative colleagues who always come up with good ideas in unexpected situations. We are full of joy which carries us forward, the world is now wide-open in front of us.

Designing in Milan is a completely different experience than in Hungary. Can you describe the differences?

Milan is one of the most important and vibrant urban centers of the world. The city is getting greener and more livable; with creativity and conscious planning designers are doing a lot to follow this direction in the future. Italians shape their cities with a great sense of space, and their approach and experience are of international qualities. What I really like in Milan is that even simple residential buildings are designed with ease and creativity in mind.

Your Italian partner, Stefano Napolitani is the chief designer of the architecture studio Waves Project Ltd. Can you tell us about him and the cooperation?

According to our Italian partners, design and architecture are strongly connected to each other, these two areas are in harmony. Stefano runs our partner office with great experience and a practical approach. In Hungary, we rarely see this fresh, playful approach that characterizes his work. It is also due to his personality that he claims: architectural and interior design works with maximalist attention to detail and value creation, but designed loosely, lightheartedly without over-thinking is what makes people happy. It is great to have a partner like him, I truly enjoy working together.

Photo: Attila Glázer