Este’r partners introducing its 2021 collection: let the most fabulous pieces of Italian design move into your living room

Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer and her team este’r partner present their latest collection called Cosy Living 2021; this time the focus is on the living room. Comfortable seating, special accessories and soft pillows: the team of este’r partners’ interior design studio, which has a strong trade relationship, brings the best of Italian design so even the most elegant living room can be re-tuned with confidence.

Eszter Radnóczy and her fifteen-year-old interior design studio opened a partner office in Milan last year with renowned Italian architect, Stefano Napolitani. Italian partnerships, exhibitions, fairs and personal visits to manufactories have long been part of the everyday life of este’r partners: this helps showing their customers and clients first-hand the latest designs and quality solutions of Italian design.

The current high-quality catalogue focuses on exclusiveness and long-lasting, high-class interior design solutions as well as a high level of aesthetics, combined with the specialities of este’r partners: fun, courage and unique style. An indispensable part of autumn evenings is the Italian cinema, the Cinema Paradiso with its capital letters. This time, the design team aligned parts of the collection with classic film titles. The works of Fellini, Tornatore, Pasolini or Bertolucci are perfect for the cold evenings we spend at home.

Parts of the collection are named after Italian films: Especially on Sunday, Everybody’s Fine, La Dolce Vita and Unknown Woman can be our perfect companions for the cooler evenings. As the holidays approach, este’r partners would also like to introduce two mini catalogues: Winter Lights’ beautiful lanterns bring magical holiday lights into your home, and Little Surprises collects unique design items to help you find the perfect gift ideas.

The collections can be found on the website of este’r partners: