Este’r partners is ready for the international opening

The team of este’r partners visited Milan last week. This will be the city where, besides Budapest, Eszter Radnóczy opens her first partner office. As Eszter said, there wasn’t an actual question of how the successful Hungarian company would develop, in many ways, they are already connected to the professional circle of Italian interior design, especially to Milan.

Este’r partners is a real Italian-Hungarian company, not only because of the number of espressos they drank, but also because most of their colleagues have an Italian experience in their studies or in their professional career – for example, Eszter Radnóczy was a student at the Corvinus University in Budapest but also studied at IDI Interior Design Institute and at MBF Bocconi University in Milan. In their portfolio, besides several Italian projects, you can also tell that in their professional decisions, they are undoubtedly choosing the solutions provided by the Italian market and their close relationship with Italy has a big impact on their style. As part of their professional commitment they regularly visit Italy’s design week, markets and shows during the company’s business trips.

Eszter and her colleagues say that there’s one thing that motivates every link to Italy: the personal and professional relationships always inspiring them to return again. Este’r partners established a secure and extensive network of contacts in Italy over the years, which has now led their way towards the opening of an Italian office.


In our first photo you can see Eszter Radnóczy and our Italian partner Stefano Napolitani, the leader of the Waves-Project. New perspectives open up!