European elegance with Asian inspiration: a special metropolitan apartment

Eszter Radnóczy chief designer and her team este’r partners were asked to design the second European home of the client from Asian culture the artist’s apartment was created with exclusive interior design solutions. The visuals give an insight into a special world: light, generous spaces and modern interior design solutions with exoticism.

“The client, who comes from Asian culture and is involved in art, has a unique approach to design. Awareness, understanding and embracing lifestyle in the plans and the client’s sense of beauty – along with the trust in us – made our work go smoothly. For us, the diversity in the customer’s approach was inspiring and encouraging – similar works can set a new direction in our company’s portfolio.” says Eszter Radnóczy, founder of este’r partner.

The metropolitan apartment has three en suite bedrooms, a spacious American kitchen and a more intimate living room. The zigzag floor plan has different ceiling heights and broken walls so the first challenge of the design process was to work out the ideal floor plan.

Reduced, clear, and generous use of materials was a conscious decision, and it allowed the use of refined and hidden solutions. The designers also provided space for the customer’s artistic needs and special collection of objects: valuable unique pieces and works of art are highlighted in the space and on the walls.

The wallpaper in the hall is from the Panoramic collection of the French brand Zuber: its special feature is the endless pattern which makes the spaces unique. By the way, the factory in Rixheim is considered to be the oldest wallpaper manufacturer in Europe. The selected wallpaper of the collection will be placed on the walls in sepia tones.

In the case of lighting, the designers aimed to decorate the space with unique, spectacular lamps. The hidden lighting and the lighting of artworks are not highlighted, here the indirect effect is more important. The lamp in the hall is a product of the Italian company Sigma L2, its shape forms two swords giving the space a unique, modern look. The ceiling barrissol of the hall has been made a sophisticated detail by the designers with its luminous glow and slats reminiscent of oriental culture.

Both the kitchen furniture and the kitchen island are individually designed. With its rounded shapes, the latter is in harmony with the with the rounded forms used in the ceiling and the floor. Wenge wood surfaces were used for the kitchen furniture, and the same Zuber wallpapers were put on the back wall of the kitchen as in the hall. The columns between the windows are features of the space, surrounded by uniquely designed metal-wood built-in shelving elements.

In the bedroom, the designers used American walnut wood paneling laid in a herringbone pattern with Dutch Walltextile’s silk wallpaper on the walls. The Alivar armchairs feature one of the favorite fabrics of este’r partners’ professionals: it’s Tiger Mountain from Dedar’s collection, which consists of special drawings that can sometimes be seen as a jumping tiger or as a mountain range.

In the portfolio of este’r partners, premium villas and elegant homes have been emphasized so far, as Eszter Radnóczy puts it: “In addition to the interior design work of hotels and restaurants, we have always been delighted to accept project like this, there are far fewer rules to follow in this case and we can create based on the customer’s ideas. In the current situation, we already experience that our own home as a space has become more appreciated, new projects are also showing these tendencies.”



Chief designer: Eszter Radnóczy

Team: Hajnalka Zellei, Mónika Szommer, Fanni Gyurics