“Even with the biggest workload, we end the day with a smile because we love what we do.” Eszter Radnóczy and Stefano Napolitani on their joint business

As it has already been announced, este’r partners opens its first partner office in Milan in close partnership with Italian architecture agency Waves Project Ltd lead by Stefano Napolitani. Connected to the professional circle of Italian interior design, Eszter and her team already feel at home in this new area. We asked Eszter and Stefano in a short interview to answer a few questions on working together.

Eszter, Stefano – when was the idea of a common office born?

E: For a long time I have been looking for a joint, reliable and transparent cooperation with a business partner in Milan. For me, it is important that partners are on the same page.

S: Yes! As soon as I met Eszter, we found many interest in common and a similar way of life.

Stefano, would you tell us what kind of studio Waves Project is?

We are a team expert in the real estate business. Our company search good opportunity for investiment and follow the client from the first beginning (Architecture Concept and Business Plan) to the end.

What are the principles that connect you professionally?

E: We both love our profession, just like me, Stefano is always available. Even with the biggest workload, we end the day with a smile because we love what we do. We don’t overdo things, we’re trying to find pragmatically but creatively the right solution.

S: Give the best to our clients and love to research new ideas.

What does this mean in practice?

E: We contact on a daily basis, on the phone or via emails and if it’s necessary we have the flexibility to meet personally. We are working on joint projects and it was great to see that our Hungarian clients also think that they can profit from this cooperation.

S: In our world, we do not have any language or others barriers both teams works and helps each other in the easiest way. We have projects in Italy and at the same time in the Cayman Islands, and also in Hungary.

Are you planning a common project or it’s going to be a good neighborly relation?

E: It’s by no means a good neighborly relationship, but a strategy to build a strong base in both countries that will be able to meet any international challenge.

S: Yes we have few projects also in Budapest, where we are responsible for architecture and Eszter and her team for  interior design. We are perfectly complementary.

Milan is the center of design. Where is your offices within this, locally and mentally?

E: It is located in the quiet, elegant neighborhood of Milan in a very typical, ancient building in via via Telesio 18.

S: Milan is not a big town and you” breath” design, fashion, food, everywhere. Our Studio is in a old street, in an old building, because what we like to insert in our project is possible and we love the historical background feeling.

Eszter and her team are really active in terms of traveling, seeing the world and being open to discovering new things while maintaining a stable taste and value system. Stefano, how is it at your studio?

We have been traveling for business and pleasure to many places, where things are really different and at these places it is always easy to learn something new.

In Hungary, the most important decisions are born in the kitchen – what about the Italians? 

E: Stefano will surely agree with me if I say that a private client will certainly dream up a plan at the table. While we are working hard on our projects, decisions are mostly made on the blueprint and on the screen.

In Italy it is usually not in the kitchen, but rather the dinner room – but it is true.

Eszter likes her coffee strong, without sugar and with skim milk. What about you, Stefano?

It depends who is makes that coffee. Usually black but sometimes i am horrible and I have to add a spoon of sugar…