Gastro Design Award díjátadó

A tegnapi Gastro Design Award verseny díjátadóján 4 projektünk is díjat nyert. Ezúton is köszönjük a bizalmat a Bistro Fine-nak, a Zwack Unicum Múzeum, Látogatóközpont és Mintabolt-nak, a GoodSpirit Whisky&Cocktail Bar-nak és a The Loft Budapest-nek, valamint a verseny rendezőinek.

We are very happy to announce that we have got awarded last night at the Gastro Design Award contest with 4 projects of us from last year. We kindly would like to thank to all our clients for their trust and great cooperation as well as to the organisers for the nice contest.…/gastro_design_award_2017__itt_a_…
Fotó: és Batár Zsolt

* este’r partners is the archtectural and interior design brand of Sani-World Ltd.

Our Hungarian and international portfolio consists of wide-ranging architectural and interior design works which, upon request, are executed by our team. Our activities cover residential and corporate commissions. Besides flats, lofts and houses our portfolio is formed of the reconstruction works of heritage buildings and castles as well.


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