Meet our partner: Cosy International

Style and elegance: two concepts around which the Italian wardrobe expert Cosy International has built its brand. We asked Cosy’s Hungarian partner, Eszter Radnóczy when and where she recommends using the Italian partner’s solutions.



How would you describe Cosy as a company and what values does it represent?

Cosy is a dynamic minded company with professionalism and extensive experience in the timber industry and it is easily adapting to the changing needs of the market. Cosy is a reliable partner as we can always count on their expertise. The company simultaneously offers the traditional commitment of Italians to design and is also open to our creative ideas and uniqueness.

Where do you use Cosy products?

We are happy to work with Cosy on projects that require unique and functional solutions. The products are made for customers of high standard, during the product development rich details are elaborated for an exclusive look, providing high-quality Italian technology.

Who would you recommend it to? What needs does Cosy respond to?

I recommend it to clients with Hungarian or international background committed to quality, who consciously choose elegance and focus on aspects such as the furniture proportion or the harmony of colors.

How is the collaboration between Cosy and este’r partners?

We enjoy integrating Cosy into our projects and we are happy to present them to the Hungarian clients as well. With similar premium Italian brands, in recent years we have managed to build a strong network of contacts that supports the highest quality work. The existence of this network allows us to serve complex projects, from joint concept planning through product design to material selection and installation.


Meet Cosy International!

The brand is proud to help its customers with products 100% Made in Italy, tailored to the needs of interior designers. Flexibility and tailor-made service are among the most important values: from measurements to material selection to the creation of the final atmosphere, they accompany their partners in the work.


Portrait: Attila Glázer

Photos: Cosy International