• Year of execution: 2018
  • Total area: 1200 m2
  • Task: interior design


Designing the recepcion area we followed the modern architectural concept of the extension works of Chateau Brunszvik.

Our main goal was to design a generous, functional interior on international level. As the target group of the visitor’s centre is the youngsters, we was working with modern, fresh look and natural elements. The info graphical system is an important part of the interior design, major visual elements.

In the interior surfaces the white, grey and black are dominant that are part of the look of the institute. We added one more colour to it and all together they give a true visual experience to the visitors. The duality of traditional and high-tech appears in the thematics and the interior design as well.


In the exhibition rooms, play rooms, public spaces the main design concept was to emphasize the experience that is functional and visual at the same time. Besides preserve the classical interior design elements we created a harmonious atmosphere with natural and traditional surfaces and materials.

The visual connection is very important between the two wings.

Photo: Norbert Juhász

* Este’r partners is the archtectural and interior design brand of Sani-World Ltd.

Our Hungarian and international portfolio consists of wide-ranging architectural and interior design works which, upon request, are executed by our team. Our activities cover residential and corporate commissions. Besides flats, lofts and houses our portfolio is formed of the reconstruction works of heritage buildings and castles as well.


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