Budapest I design concept I execution I 2016

The impressive old building has been transformed into an elegant hotel in the heart of Budapest. The 5star Bistro Fine is on one hand, an unseparable area of the hotel since it fulfills many neccessary functions, breakfast area, restaurant and lounge bar.  On the other hand, it also serves the public, as a street-opening bar. It is one property, although the design separates the darker, intimate bar from the light, sunlit breakfast area. The long, narrow area is divided by steel shelf structure, and behind every shelf, you find a different space.  The old doors removed from the building during the renovation have been brought into a new life using them as decorative panels attached to the ceiling, made their outline highlighted by LED-lighting. The shelves, the built-in sofas, the counter, some lamps and the bar are custom-made elements, the other furniture pieces, including the comfortable armchairs, diamond shape lamps, tables, chairs and the huge glasses are designer pieces from over the world. The bar design incorporates the historical little yellow underground running Andrássy street. The colours bring out the 100-year old building’s structure.

Photo: Pál Tamás