Masculine, monochrome spaces with rationality, typical of the world of law, bold and playful creativity on the noise suppressing tie wall and on the unique glass walls. The new office of a law firm, located in Dalszínház Street next to the Opera House in the center of Budapest, which was occupied by its owners this week, was realized according to the plans of the este’r partner interior design studio.
“Our client wanted to renovate his traditional, long-standing law firm’s office to provide a more efficient, unique work environment for the five employees, and for their clients so they would feel that they are in safe hands, experiencing visual impact in a place that combines forward and creative thinking with racionality” says Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer.
In the downtown apartment, it all started with a rethink of the floor plan: the maximum space utilization required a special layout, and the designers planned a “game” that spans the entire apartment with a dynamic alternation of transparent and closed surfaces. One of the defining characters of the space is that the entire office was made with functions hidden in closets, this solution enhances the sense of order without compromising the dynamics of the space and suggests that everything here is about the profession. The glass walls were made by the Hungarian company, DEKO, the unique pattern reflecting on the metropolitan city map and the foiling is the creative work of the interior design team of este’r partners. Similarly, each wallpaper and wall covering is a unique solution from the interior designers’ workshop, and the appearance of different signs is a definite design prediction at the moment.
The acoustic panel is also a unique product of este’r partners: its tie pattern brings a business atmosphere in a playful way, but the wall covered with Flukso textile also adds a extra function to the office. It reduces side noise and echo, creating ideal acoustic conditions for conference and telephone calls. Zsuzsi Szabó, textile artist was the partner of the interior designers in the implementation.
One of the most exciting details of the office is the ceiling solution: the interior designers created a visual repetition above the Flos lamp: the stucco, which evokes the milieu of Andrássy Avenue, is built from the interior pattern of the lamp, rearranging its floral pattern. The Emco washbasin cabinet is also special, where the manufacturer achieves a complex, characteristic effect with an integrated washbasin-mirror unit.
The law firm is shaped by the contrast of black and white: it keeps everything on track, gives focus and recalls the presence of order and rules. And the balance of playfulness and shifts brought by este’r partners interior design team can provide  every starting points for creative legal solutions and effective advocacy speeches: they promote courage and uniqueness.
Photo: Attila Glázer

* este’r partners is the archtectural and interior design brand of Sani-World Ltd.

Our Hungarian and international portfolio consists of wide-ranging architectural and interior design works which, upon request, are executed by our team. Our activities cover residential and corporate commissions. Besides flats, lofts and houses our portfolio is formed of the reconstruction works of heritage buildings and castles as well.


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