Frankfurt, Germany


Frankfurt, Germany

Year of execution: 2013-2014
Investment-value: 1 500 000 Euro
Total area: 2 300 sqm
Task: architecture, interior design

The new owner of the historic 9th (!) century Hotel Main-Chateau, which is located in the ancient part of the beautiful medieval city of Seligenstadt, overlooking the river “Main” (a few minutes’ drive from Frankfurt am Main) mandated este’r partners to redesign and reconstruct the exterior and interior part of the hotel and it’s restaurant in a modern, romantic but still authentic style to meet today’s expectations for such hotels and the heritage authority.

The executed and authorized planning of the romantic Hotel Main Chateau included the reconstruction of the facade and the roof of the hotel, the creation of 21 rooms with en-suite bathrooms, two restaurants and a panoramic terrace. The project was explicitly recognized by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and other newspapers.