Csécse, Bélhalom puszta

  • Design planning: 2018-19
  • Total area: 470 m2
  • Task: építészeti rekonstrukció és belsőépítészeti tervezés

In a small village in the North East part of Hungary there is this beautiful castle building that was built most likely around 1830 based on the plans of the famous Hungarian architect, Miklos Ybl. The castle is built in eclectic style, is a freestanding building with a rectangular ground plan and hip-roof.

We got the commission to work on the full reconstruction plan of the land that in the near future will be extended with a rehabilitation centre for children living with autism. We considered all the given functions of the castle during the design process, that it will be a home of a family and a charity fundation. We re-designed the garden, the side buildings and inner roads around the castle, placed the reception building next to the road coming from the village. We adopted the former style of this building and recreated it with the new functions.

We took as a base point in the design process to reconstruct the original state of the castle, giving back the original proportion of the building with the roof-redesign. We made all the plan with attention to the original details, ie. door and windows with blinds, traditional tile-covered roof, the artistic tinsmith and masonry works in order to give back the building’s original value.

During the interior design process we created the interiors in eclectic style as well, having a typical outlook of a hunting castle, mixing it up with a generous elegance. We created the public places in the centre of the building and in the East Wing: the reception rooms with the veranda, the hall, the impressive staircase, the spacious living area, dining room and kitchen. The West Wing is more intimate and personal with the bedrooms, bathrooms and wardrobes. On the first floor the hunting room can be found that is one of the most typical room in the castle and in the meantime the owner’s study room. Until the ground floor and public spaces in general having a lighter, softer, feminine atmosphere with pastel colours and light materials, then the first floor is getting a more male characteristics.

* Este’r partners is the archtectural and interior design brand of Sani-World Ltd.

Our Hungarian and international portfolio consists of wide-ranging architectural and interior design works which, upon request, are executed by our team. Our activities cover residential and corporate commissions. Besides flats, lofts and houses our portfolio is formed of the reconstruction works of heritage buildings and castles as well.


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