Budapest, Szent István krt. 5

  • Year of execution: 2012-2013
  • Total area: 1 100 m2
  • Task: architecture and interior design, construction

The Kieselbach Gallery and Auction House is the Hungarian leader in international and Hungarian art trade. The Gallery focuses on 19-20 century modern Hungarian paintings and works from outstanding masters from previuos centuries. International art, photography and contemporary art are also in their professional profile. Reconstructing the Gallery in the historicist building meant a wonderful task for the este’r partners architecture, interior design and construction office. Preserving the historic qualities and equally serving modern time functions through technical solutions was a complex challenge. In the basement area the storage purposes required perfect airing function. Whereas the public space downstairs with exhibition area required neutral surfaces with non-series interior doors and windows, hidden architectural engineering items and specific lighting scheme for works of art on display. Upstairs rooms for dwelling purposes were opened up and stylish space matching the original qualities of the building itself is under construction. Casement windows in the facade were manufactured with special attention to detail and match the style and function of the building. The outer sashes resemble the exact features of the original window sashes, the panes in the inner sashes reduce the transfer of heat while the sashes overlooking the back of the building are complete with safety features. The casement windows are equipped with a clever hidden strucutre for window blinds. This particular project in progress provided the este’r partners architecture, interior design and construction office with a complex challenge for finding specific techincal solutions and building multifunctional and easily convertible spaces serving temporary functions.

Photo: György Darabos

* Este’r partners is the archtectural and interior design brand of Sani-World Ltd.

Our Hungarian and international portfolio consists of wide-ranging architectural and interior design works which, upon request, are executed by our team. Our activities cover residential and corporate commissions. Besides flats, lofts and houses our portfolio is formed of the reconstruction works of heritage buildings and castles as well.


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