Szentendre I design concept I execution I 2015

Our studio is working in a stunning, historical villa close the Danube in Szentendre that was a country house of the Hungarian aristocrat family, the Széchenyi’s. In the renovated villa got a place the permanent exhibition of Béla Apáti Abkarovics who can be linked to the famous group of painters called “Nagybányai iskola” and who was the grandfather of the husband of Eszter Radnóczy, our chief designer and founder.

During the renovation we payed extra attention to keep and refurbish the original elements of the building, ie. the porch with the columns, the wooden beams, windows and doors that associated to the aristocratic lifestyle and atmosphere. The glass, oak, concrete surfaces and the powder-coated metal shelving system create a generous supplement.

Photo: Gyorgy Darabos