Tokaj, Hungary


Tokaj, Hungary

Year of design: 2017 – 2018
Total area: 1 320 sqm
(land: 2000 sqm, floor area of the house (groundfloor) 720 sqm,
terrace and garden 1280 sqm)
Task: interior architecture and design

The historical building complex was built in more phases, first served as an Evangelist church and praying house, than it became an accomodation of the military. It gets its name by this period.

The hotel contains of 20 rooms, amongst the smaller ones there are some apartments as well. The total area of the en-suite rooms is 890 sqm, the restaurant is 110 sqm, the reception and lobby area are 100 sqm. In the attic we designed a conference room with capacity of 35 persons and 2 exclusive apartments.

The wings of the original building was built in different time periods and having a different characteristics. During the design process we kept this aptness and designed the rooms in different styles. The smaller rooms have got a countryside, rustic outlook in order to reflect to the close, natural environment of the region. The bigger rooms and apartments have a bit more romantic characteristics expecting couples and honey moon travellers in the future.

By and large we kept the original, typical countryside characteristic of the building, keeping all the original surfaces were possible, i.e. natural stones, wooden structures, brick- and stone walls, roof elements.

The restaurant is placed in the room that was originally a small chapel and was given the name of the restaurant inspired by this fact “Wine Chapel”. We designed a self-service wine rack running up to the ceiling and to make the atmosphere cosy and home-like, we placed a large fireplace. The coffee bar is the counterpoint of the restaurant with its domed ceiling and more intimate atmosphere.