Budapest, V. Kristóf tér 6.


Budapest, V. Kristóf tér 6.

Year of execution: 2016
Total area: 300 sqm
Task: interior architecture, design, construction, furniture and textile supply
Prize: Gastro Design Award 2017

In the touristic center of Budapest The Loft Budapest opened its doors in the December of 2016. The 300 sqm area provides the space for the unique luxury boutique hotel, with only 8 rooms and reception area.

The house was built in 1918, the structure and the interior shows many industrial influences as origingally a sewing manufacture worked there. During the design process we kept many of these industrial elements – steel beams, brick walls – which gave the mood of the hotel with a “loft feeling”, and softened it with textiles and carpets.

The centerpiece of each room the uniquely designed “floating” bed, the LED lighting under it to be installed to highlight this effect. In each room a custom-made divider separate the space for the living and the bathroom area and also a dominant element the headboard that is having a different colour-scheme in each room.

In the historical building we installed the latest architectural, plumbing and electrical technology that shows for example in the corridor where we closed the ceiling only with a net. The pipes can be seen together with the ceiling lamps that is also create a strong effect of the hotel interior.
Photo: Zsolt Batár