Budapest I design concept I 2023

Zazie Bistro&Bar, the new restaurant of the MOL Campus, was realized based on the interior design concept of este’r partners. Operating as a café in the morning, a bistro during the day and a casual bar in the evening, at Zazie you can experience a real sense of flow: nature shines through not only on the large glass surfaces but also in the interior, you can relax in small bays in the cozy lounge area and have lunch or dinner in cool restaurant booths. The interior design team has focused on the Danube experience, as they explained there are very few restaurants in Budapest where you can sit near the river during a long lunch or a night out. The MOL Campus also has a unique feature: while the modern high-rise building designed by Foster+Partners of London has a contemporary style, it overlooks the former factory buildings of the Buda Danube district, continuing the bay of Lágymányos. Modern glass surfaces, stunning views and an old industrial quarter in the distance are coupled with beautiful natural features: pampas grasses dancing in the wind, a green riverbank and sunshine.

Custom textile design by este’r partners

Custom carpet design by este’r partners