Budapest I design concept I execution I 2016

UNICUM is one of Hungary’s most popular and ancient herb liqueurs. Our task was to create the “Herbal Bar” for Unicum tasting within the original and old premises of the Unicum factory in the heart of Budapest. The middle of the tasting room is occupied by a movable trolley bar. Through newly created glass walls we ensured that the visitor gets a perfect view of the stored herbs which are the basis of the Unicum liqueur. The lightening system of the bar is custom-made of copper piping to show and reflect the factory background of this space. All these elements strongly support the styling of the central bar. The tables are made of carved full wood and the freely moveable chairs in blue-greenish colour reflect to the factory’s colour scheme. The simple but stylish concrete surface is reminiscence to the use of this room in former days as part of the factory. The decorated colourful glasses on the iron cast shelves are original herb glasses which we found in the old part of the factory.

Photo: Pal Tamas