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An intimate, homelike space where everything is all about comfort. A cool, impressive room that is always perfect for a get-together and spending time with friends. In their collection called "Cosy living 2021", interior designer Eszter Radnóczy and este'r partners team bring the best of Italian design and premium partner products to re-tune your living room.

The current high-quality catalog focuses on exclusiveness and long-lasting, high-class interior design solutions as well as a high level of aesthetics, combined with the specialities of este'r partners: Italian spirit, courage and unique style.

An indispensable part of autumn evenings is the Italian cinema, the Cinema Paradiso. This time, the design team aligned parts of the collection with classic film titles. The works of Fellini, Tornatore, Pasolini or Bertolucci are perfect for the cold evenings we spend at home. Make yourself comfortable, Cosy living coming soon.

Bonaldo: Panorama coffee table set

Ø85 x 30 cm / Ø100 x 30 cm | The marble table top, available in Ardesia Grey, Laurent, Calacatta and Gold Onice, reflects classical elegance.

Bonaldo: Cortina two-seater sofa

210 x 105 x 86 cm | Classic sofa with a clear design, which aesthetically and functionally can be personalized.

Bonaldo: Hiro two-seater sofa

240 x 100 x 83 cm | Classic lines for a timeless sofa that are enhanced by velvet and leather fabrics.

DeCastelli: Rocco e Lolita vase couple

37 x 25 x 147 cm / 24 x 24 x 118 cm | Two structures of above-average size that play with light and shadow.

Missoni Home: Yvetot cushion

40 x 40 cm | Cushion of classical pattern which can brighten a sofa of simple design.

Erba Italia: Lips armchair

82 x 82 x 72 cm | Armchair of unique design with a seat filled with natural goose feather and non-deformable polyurethane foam.

Utu Lighting: Globe suspension lamp

100 x 50 cm | The opal glass spheres symbolize our globe with their shape and warm light.

Ditre Italia: Kris Low from two-seater on

310 x 163 x 79 cm | An evergreen sofa which is a bridge between classical and modern style furniture.

Missoni Home: Yasuj cushion

40 x 40 cm | Cushion of classical pattern which can brighten a sofa of simple design.

Dedar: Hop cushion

50x50 cm | Cushions of harmonic colours which recall Ikat designs.

Saba Italia: Bustier armchair

86 x 84 x 80 cm | Bustier’s elegant, curvy shape was inspired by the body-hugging corsets worn by ladies in the 19th century. Available with several fabrics and colours.

Bontempi: Planet coffee table

82 x 82 x 60/29 cm | The adjustable upper top can be placed beside the armrest of an armchair or sofa. Available with several finishes: from elegant marble to colourful surfaces.

Erba Italia: Drink pouf

45 x 47 cm | A pouf transmitting cheerfulness which is reflected in the variety of available colours as well.

Bontempi: Strega floor lamp

Ø60 x 175 cm | Floor lamp of solid style. The fabric of the lampshade can be chosen in white, light grey, sage, blue, brown and black.

Bontempi: Esa coffee table

54 x 48 x 43 cm | Small and geometrical, original Italian product which suits any interior. Available in 18 colours.

Seletti: Elephant table lamp

21,5 x 55,5 cm | It recalls a scene of a tale: the encounter of the elephant and the Moon.

Missoni Home: Simone throw and cushion

100 x 190 cm cushion: 40 x 40 cm Warm and cosy textile set of the classic pattern which indicates its origin.

Seletti: Melania porcelain vase

23 x 26 cm | When east and west combine. A collection that reflects ancient historic Western and Eastern ceramic production. Its other curiosity is its material, the Bone China porcelain.

Saba Italia: Sunset20 armchair

84 x 80 x 105 cm | This armchair of high comfort is the star product of 2020.

Gallotti e Radice: Oly bench and pouffe

Bench: 97 x 78 x with cushion 62 cm / Pouffe: 52 x 78 x 43 cm | Hand-burnished brass structure with seat cushion in non-deformable foam covered by fabric, velvet or leather.

Bontempi: Flexus table

69Ø x 43 cm | The speciality of this coffee table is that the top can be chosen with a velvet or leather coverage. Available colours are black and white, and the shades of grey, blue, emerald and claret.

Segis: Fi Large sofa

181 x 86 x 72 cm | Each piece of the collection is inspired by a letter from the Greek alphabet. The non-deformable pieces are available in a variety of finishes, from the more elegant to the fresh and colourful proposals.

Utu Lighting: Link suspension lamp

100 x 100 x 63 cm | An outrageous suspension lamp: it features several opal glass spheres linked and held in place by rose gold or black metal square frames,

Segis: Fi Large armchair

91 x 86 x 72 cm | Each piece of the collection is inspired by a letter from the Greek alphabet. The non-deformable pieces are available in a variety of finishes, from the more elegant to the fresh and colourful proposals.

Ditre Italia: Skin table

50 x 29 x 46 cm | This laser-cut table perfectly suits the sofas of the collection, and offers the experience of a comfortable cafe. Available in black and golden brown.

Utu Lighting: Loop table lamp

50 x 30 x 15 cm | Loop features two opal glass spheres held in place by a metal loop. Available in rose gold and black.

Italia Lounge: Divo two-seater sofa

215 x 115 x 88 cm | Elegant sofa on a light structure with metal feet. Rigorous and safe in leather, sweet and enveloping in fabric. Wide range of colours and patterns.

Brokis: Puro suspension lamp

full length: 350 cm, size of bodies 8 x 43 cm/ 8 x 63 cm/ 8 x 83 cm | Amazing installations can be created from the suspended elements of different sizes. Matt black surface with opal or anthracite glass.

La Cividina: Guest sofa

290 x 135 x 76 cm | When beauty and hospitality meet to create a welcoming touch.

Ditre Italia: Flick-Flack sofa

331 x 331 x 95 cm | The sofa is inspired by Scandinavian poeticality, and Its uniqueness is given by the modular system and the variability of cushions.

Seletti: Eye and mouth cushion

50 x 50 cm | A bit of madness: with this cushion we can bring avant-garde creativity in our home.

Bonaldo: Folio table

140 x 50 x 30 cm / 100 x 100 x 39 cm | Classic minimal style table with parallel surfaces in either black smoked glass or extra light clear glass.

Bonaldo: Paraiso sofa

288 x 148 x 87 cm | Pure and simple silhouettes in pursuit of elemental comfort and elegance. Modular sofa with fabric or leather upholstery and metal, wood or leather feet.

La Cividina: Ploff pouf

Ø70 cm | This completely handmade seat is characterised by the play of curved lines that follow one another in a rhythmic dance.‎ Available in three sizes.

Bontempi: Cloé floor lamp with adjustable arm

210 x 46 x 225 cm | The adjustable arm in lacquered aluminium holds a fabric lampshade above the space. Available in two sizes and the following combinations: white-white, silver-black, brass-beige.

Fornasetti: Abbaglio cushion

50 x 50 cm | This special cushion combines avant-garde creativity with everyday objects.

Reflections Copenhagen: Harlem crystal vase

22,5 x 17,8 x 10 cm | This crystal vase was inspired by old Hollywood glamour, luxury and massive skyscrapers.

Plust: Kube pot

40 x 40 x 40 cm | Determined lines and youngish design characterise this polyethylene pot.

Bontempi: Strega floor lamp

175 x 60Ø cm | Based on a simple idea this floor lamp can be selected with an upward or downward lampshade, and is available in white, light grey, sage green, blue, brown and black colours.

Reflections Copenhagen: Vegas crystal tealight holder

8 x 29 x 8 cm | Mesmerizing tealight holder in fine hand cut crystal.

Brokis: Jack O'Lantern table lamp

26 x 32,5 cm | This table lamp with a “pearl” placed inside can be a real jewel of our home.

Adrenalina: V2 armchair

148 x 91 x 91 cm | V2 is an armchair with a dynamic appearance, and still reflecting harmony. It was inspired by the modernist and design movement that characterised the ’50s. Available in intense colours.

Seletti: Banana table lamp

33 x 23,5 x 19 cm | A table lamp symbolizing outlandish creativity in glass and resin.

Gallotti e Radice: Cloud pouf

88 x 82 x 42 | This pouf gets its name from the amazing, comfortable cloud-like feel, and can easily be transformed into an armchair.

Seletti: Fingers cushion

50 x 50 cm | Fingers is an extreme and cheerful cushion, part of an eclectic collection.

Bontempi: Kito coffee table

35 x 32 x 45 cm | The Kito coffee table, reminding of a vase, embraces a cheerful, original style. Entirely crafted in lacquered steel, this charming piece brings joy in any home.

Brokis: Capsula suspension lamp

suspended length: 75 cm, glass: 29,5 x 26,5 cm, total length: 218 cm Capsula is a sophisticated light bearing resemblance to a plant cell or seed. The inner glass of the capsules is available in different constructions.

Bonaldo: Lovy sofa

248 x 109 x 96 cm | This original sofa deserves place in the middle of the room. The semi-oval shape encourages conversation, and the particular shape of the backrest helps relaxation. Perfect in itself or combined with other pieces of the collection.

Seletti: Lipstick cushion

50 x 50 cm | Outrageous cushion representing contemporary art.

Zava Luce: Net-3 suspension lamp

50 x 25 cm | Net is a lamp in sheet steel based on concentric, alternate lines. When it is switched on it projects a pleasing decorative effect onto the walls.

Utu Lighting: Helio suspension lamp

114 x 120 x 93 cm | This suspension lamp, worthy of the name, shines the room with its warm light like the Sun.

Seletti: Labyrinth cushion

50 x 50 cm | Surreal and cheerful idea inspired the cushion of the little pathfinder chicken.

Bonaldo: Lovy armchair

90 x 88 x 88 cm | In itself or combined with its sofa, Lovy armchair serves the comfort of home, and the particular shape of the backrest helps relaxation as well.

Seletti: Bird wall lamp

32,8 x 14,5 x 12,3 cm | This bird in resin brings a natural touch in any home.

Edra: Tatlin sofa

210Ø x 175 x 134 cm | This is an 8-10 seater extremely elegant sofa, loosely based on the Tatlin tower, emblem of Constructivism. Not surprisingly, it can only be ordered in black or vermilion colour velvet.

Modo Luce: Baobab floor lamp

widest diameter: 80 x 195 cm | Be welcomed by a forest of light with Baobab, a veritable stylised tree in painted metal made to grow up from the floor. The metal structure holds shades as leaves.

Bonaldo: Papillon sofa-bed

200 x 105 x 100 cm | Papillon is a highly appealing sofa which can easily be transformed into a lounge or a bed. The designer was inspired by the wings of a butterfly.

Seletti: Love in Bloom vase

25 x 16,5 x 9 cm | Like an extreme declaration of love in porcelain. The heart is not the romantic stylized form, but an accurate rendition of the human organ.

Reflections Copenhagen: Panama crystal tray

40 x 26 x 8,1 | Panama crystal tray gives the traditional serving tray a new striking look.

Seletti: Starman vase

28 cm magas | The encounter of universe and playful imagination.

Aangenaam XL: Legs pot

Ø69 x 164 cm | The Dutch design studio intended this unique pot to be placed in a big space. Available in black matt, white matt, brass and copper.

MM Lampadari: Rain suspension lamp

Glass: 18 cm, total height 130 cm, total diameter 100 cm | Black matt structure with transparent glass shade. The rain-inspired lighting can be organized in a collection of up to 45 elements.

Missoni Home: Yankton cushion

40 x 60 cm Color 160 | Embroidered fabric cushion with cut-out landscape design.

Bonaldo: Peanut sofa

342 x 250 x 68 cm | Thanks to the many elements from which it is possible to choose, Peanut B is an extremely versatile sofa which adapts to every style or space requirement. It is the product of a leading Italian manufacturer with an 80-year history. Available in fabric or leather.

Forestier: Satelise suspension lamp

diameter of lampshade: 50 cm, 65 cm or 105 cm. The handmade suspension light, reminiscent the path of an object orbiting around a star, is formed out of curving strands of overlapping rattan. Available in white, natural and blue.

Bonaldo: Lars Meridiana sofa

170 x 122 x 88 cm | Premium, 100% Italian handmade product. The Lars sofa features big cushions and conveys a sense of comfort and relaxation. Feet in grey, tortora, brown, green, white, black, brass and lead, fabric or leather cover in 68 colours.

Bonaldo: Peanut two-sided sofa

390 x 225 x 68 cm | Thanks to the many elements from which it is possible to choose, Peanut B is an extremely versatile sofa which adapts to every style or space requirement. It is the product of a leading Italian manufacturer with an 80-year history. Available in fabric or leather.

Forestier: Chanpen suspension lamp

D= 19cm/XS, 26cm/S, structure: Ø 100 cm, height: 120 cm
The Chanpen collection of Anon Pairot is made unique by its nature-inspired shades and variable structure. The shades of diamond or hexagonal texture pass a soft and filtered light for delicate shadows. The price refers to the combination of the structure and the shades in S and M size.

Brokis: Muffins table lamp

27,5 x 26,5 | The collection was unveiled at Maison&Objet in Paris. Available with oak and American walnut base and transparent, smoke grey, smoke brown, opaline, triplex opal, amber, cognac and violet glass.

DeCastelli: Syro coffee table (set of 3)

80 x 41,5 x 30 cm, 75,5 x 54 x 37 cm, 56 x 48 x 45 cm | In organic shapes, this triptych of small tables comes with an iron, brass and copper structure and is characterized by geometric shapes etched on the sheet metal tops.

DeCastelli: Tristan & Isotte metal vase couple

58,5 x 18 x 175 cm / 71 x 18 x 175 cm | Metal is unabashedly confirmed in these large, sinuous sculptures. Complementary forms are an interplay of positive and negative space. The brass tone fits perfectly in natural interiors as well.

Bontempi: Cloé floor lamp with adjustable arm

210 x 46 x 225 cm | The adjustable arm in lacquered aluminium holds a fabric lampshade above the space. Available in two sizes and the following combinations: white-white, silver-black, brass-beige.

Missioni Home: Yala cushion

60 x 60 cm Color 381 | As part of the terre collection this plant motif brings a bucolic charm to any interior.

Italia Lounge: Divo sofa

390 x 180 x 93 cm | A sofa with a two-position backrest, an exclusive system for an elegant and horizontally suspended model on a light structure with metal feet. Available in leather or in fabric.

Bonaldo: Assemblage table

36 x 33 / 36 x 60 cm | Assemblage is the combination of a cork base and a solid wood top, proposed in natural, walnut, grey, painted black, royal blue and bordeaux colours.

Aangenaam XL: Tea tree sculpture

125 x 83 x79 cm | A unique piece of a Dutch studio, available in alu, brass or old silver finish

Seletti: Camera vase

15,5 x 11 x 22,5 cm | Realistic, pop art style design product in cement.

Seletti: Egg of Columbus table lamp

17 x 41 cm | According to the Italian designer everyday materials can form part of art as well. This lamp, made from recycled paper is an excellent example of it. Available colours are anthracite, light blue, pink and green.

Reflections Copenhagen: Arizona crystal bowl

22 x 22 x 16,3 cm | Fine hand cut crystal bowl in the combination of transparent, black and yellow glass, popular design in the 1920s Art Deco architecture.

Missoni Home: Montgomery throw and cushion

130 x 190 cm / 40 x 40 cm | Special Italian design throw which recalls the cosiness of home. With its cheerful and specific Missoni pattern it easily suits any interior.

Bontempi: Puffoso pouf

Ø46 x 55 cm | This pouf unifies form and function. Available in a wide range of colours.

Modo Luce: Disk table lamp

43 x 65 cm | Design is concealed in the details: just incline the tilting metal disc inside the lampshade and the beam of light changes. One simple touch and light is liberated into space, to create ever new, unexpected atmospheres.

Bonaldo: Corallo armchair (without pouf)

86 x 86 x 84 cm | Inspired by the colours and shapes of coral, this armchair is as rare and precious as coral in nature.

Adrenalina: Ata armchair

75 x 98 x 93 cm | The soft lines always leave a strong mark, and it’s right this contrast that gives the uniqueness of this armchair.

Bonaldo: Nikos armchair with cushion

80 x 93 x 97 cm | Soft lines are made gripping by vivid colours. Undisputedly cosy and welcoming, it is particularly comfortable thanks to its lower back cushion in soft down padding, which supports the lower back area.

Brokis: Lightline table lamp

32 x 35 cm | The encounter of a unique, fabulous form and bright colours, a real piece of art.

Bonaldo: Skid sofa

sofa: 170 x 100 x 80 cm, lounge: 230 x 100 x 80 cm Skid represents a unique and trendy style. The lightness is enhanced by the particular conformation of the body, that is suspended from the floor thanks to a base in painted metal, and the shape of the armrest. The purity of the lines makes Skid suitable both for environments with a contemporary style and those of a more classic taste.

Bonaldo: Alfie armchair

94 x 85 x 85 cm | An object which revisits a classic furnishing feature in a contemporary way, and satisfies the need for comfort with its metal or leather structure and with additional cushions.

Bonaldo: Voila table

100 x 100 x 39 cm | The simplicity of lines and the uniqueness of metal create this exciting coffee table. Voilà is proposed in many colours of painted metal and it is a design product with a strong aesthetic connotation.

Ditre Italia: Lennox soft sofa

2*172 x 126 x 88 cm | A daring design and the alternation of symmetry and asymmetry characterise this family, whose members can form basic elements of an exclusive home.

Bonaldo: Panorama sofa

200 x 111 x 83 cm, corner element 128 x 111 x 83 cm The designer wanted to realize islands of comfort out of appealing forms where we can lie back on freely.

Reflections Copenhagen: Orlando table

60 x 39,5 x 60 cm | Eclectic style meets eccentric glam. Modern table from fine hand cut crystal and glass.

Seletti: Rosio porcelain vase

17 x 36,5 cm | Rosio is a vase in porcelain, a woman with removable head, part of a collection made in Etruscan style.

Reflections Copenhagen: Ophelia tealight holder

9 x 7,8 x 9 cm | This tealight holder is a functional object with a sparkling appearance. Fine hand cut crystal of geometric forms in a cavalcade of colours.

Bonaldo: Bonsai pouf

Ø57 x 48 cm | The Bonsai poufs are reminiscent of the famous trees worked by the expert hand of man, who models their shape.

La Cividina: Folies Bergere armchair

78 x 88 x 144 cm | According to its designers, this armchair is a playful take on the most classic of armchairs, with a shade of madness.

Foscarini: Twiggy floor lamp

170 x 224 cm | Floor lamp with intense colours and an attractive look which meets multiple setting and lighting requirements.

Domingo: Shepard 3-seater sofa and pouf

170 x 97 x 56 cm / 97 x 97 x 56 cm pouf | Simple forms are offset by the incredible variety of colours and patterns. Available in fabric and leather finish.

Reflections Copenhagen: Diamond XL mirror

82 x 6,7 x 140 cm | Reflections: Diamond Art deco mirror, reflecting timeless elegance.

Seletti: Crystaled suspension lamp

7 x 12,5 cm | This lamp is characterised by the cavalcade of forms and colours, constituting this way a harmonious entity.

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