• Year of execution: 2010-2011
  • Total area: 400 m2
  • Task: interior architecture design, construction

The villa is located in a green, mountainous suburbian area. este’r partners joined the works in a most favourable phase which allowed for relevant modifications in the construction plans. Exceptionally unique interior design elements have been implemented in line with the owner’s full consent and trust. Downstairs is a grand space with an open gas fireplace serving to separate the living room and the dining area which is furbished with a massive slab granite bar. The study can further be separated with a huge, antiquated brass sliding door serving the function of partition when needed. Three-quarters-turn fair-faced concrete staircase boasts a contemporary brass artwork in the middle. Rooms upstairs are built on the gallery around the two-stories high living-room area in the focal point. A set of full-height bookshelves from gypsum concrete panels accentuates the modern style furnishing upstairs. To name a few more of our progressive design elements brought to life in the villa,  is the combination of the bathtub and wash basin from one concrete slab or the glass drawing in the master bathroom.

Photo: Gyorgy Darabos

* Az este’r partners a Sani-World Kft. építészeti és belsőépítész tervezői brandje.

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