The revival of sophisticated elegance: este’r partners’ concept for Buda’s newest villa park

The newest villa park in Mártonhegy, in the 12th district of Budapest, will be based on the interior design concept of este’r partners. The high-class investment is being built in a forest setting and focuses on the meeting of soft, natural spaces and sophisticated elegance. The seven villas feature some of the finest European design, creating cozy spaces that residents can enjoy every day. Eszter Radnóczy, the lead designer, and her team are now taking us into their world of clean and unique design – as usual, with a little Italian twist.

Each of the seven apartments in the villa park has a private garden and a large terrace, so a perfectly cozy private space is created in the vast area. The interior design concept of the apartments was created by Eszter Radnóczy, lead designer, and the interior design studio este’r partners, in the spirit of elegant, soft design, always keeping in mind that the soft colors of the nearby forest and nature should be reflected in the interior of the apartments.

“In Hungary, it is rare to find the kind of unity of thought that we have here during the development in Mártonhegy,” says Eszter Radnóczy. When the architectural concept is in such deep harmony with the interior design, it is guaranteed that every detail will be ideally positioned, harmonious, valuable and timeless.”

The forward-looking elegance of the apartments combines a high level of spatial organization with sophisticated design solutions. In this villa, the living-dining room functions are beautifully blended and the room is divided by spectacular and comfortable furniture. The space is characterized by soft curves and rounded surfaces, which play an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere. The natural colors on the walls, the textiles and the choice of furniture resonate with the surroundings and the forests of Buda. The harmonious balance is broken only by a single distinctive piece, such as the Besana rug in the living room or the striking armchair in the bedroom.

“According to our clients, the character of the work of the este’r partners often has a female perspective, a woman’s touch. This applies here too: we believe that the soul of a home designed with a female logic lies in the numerous storage spaces, the hidden surfaces, the soft details and the harmony that runs through every detail – all of which contribute to the feeling of coziness. This is especially important in projects such as this villa development, where the buyer only needs to arrive with one suitcase – everything else is a part of the new home,” adds Eszter Radnóczy.

In the Buda villa park, only the large sliding doors and other huge windows separate the residents from the garden and the forest. The apartments are built with smart solutions and the technology needed for efficient operation, keeping sustainable solutions in mind. The real highlight is the designer kitchen by the Italian premium kitchen technology giant Valcucine, which can completely hide all the functional parts if needed, and offers one of the best premium solutions on the market when it comes to cooking.

A key focal point in the design was a functional, inspiring study, as with the recent rise of remote work, residents can spend full working days in this room. The star of the newly presented apartment is a chair by the unconventional Italian brand, Black Tie. It offers not only the ergonomics needed for optimal working, but also looks aesthetically pleasing. The bedroom’s bed and comfortable armchair are perfect for recharging, while the carefully selected lamps and lights ensure complete relaxation. The apartment is furnished with the Italian brand, Cosy’s wardrobe closet, introducing the world’s most enviable luxury wardrobes to the residents of the villa park.

In this project, este’r partners uses almost the entire range of products from their showroom Estorio, near the Opera House, opened this spring, in order to create an exclusive harmony in design. The apartments feature premium products from Italian, Dutch and German design in an unique chemistry. Valcucine’s kitchen solutions combine a sustainable approach with high-tech solutions, while Rubelli’s fabulous textiles and Galotti&Radice’s unique elegance or the refined lamps of the Italian ZavaLuce provide a real sense of luxury.