This was 2020: interview with Eszter Radnóczy

How was this year for este’r partners, what were the goals and the keywords in 2020?

Despite the difficulties, we have had a successful year. This year we celebrated the 15th anniversary of este’r partners which we still managed to celebrate together with our clients and partners before the restrictions. On this occasion, we looked back on our 15 years of continuous development in profile, size and quality of the work and the increase in the number of colleagues. Our results and successes are due to a serious and loyal teamwork, thanks to my colleagues. The above is proven by our returning and expanding clientele, we are proud to maintain an honest, confidential and creative relationship with them. When I think of keywords for 2020, the followings come to my mind: adaptation, teamwork and a positive vision.

How did you adapt to this year’s new situation and what were the lessons learned?

We were doing our best at home office as well. It has been proven that our greatest strength is working together, reinforcing and supporting each other, making optimal use of and assigning individual abilities. I am very proud that we did not stop for a moment. After a deep breath, we moved forward with our tasks with new ideas and constructive solutions.

What were the most significant projects this year?

We have reached the final phase of a large hotel project, the Emerald Residence, which we have also professionally supported in the construction. Another hotel project on Andrássy Avenue is also being implemented, in which we are also effectively participating. Unfortunately, hotel projects will have to wait due to the uncertain situation, but we hope to resume the started investments next year. We are pleased that we have had many clients from the private sector as well, a lot of beautiful work has been done in this area too and a lot is in the completion phase.

You have started a new direction: in 2020 the este’r partners presented the selections called The Collection. What kind of knowledge, creativity, innovation did you put in these catalogues?

The final phase of our work has always been to support our customers in the furnishing of apartments and restaurants while, in addition to the planning, we ensure the procurement of products which is based on our wide foreign supplier base. Our own selection, The Collection, is a demonstration of this knowledge and activity. Our customers know our complex service, the aim of the new catalogue was to make our company more widely known.

What do you expect the most next year, where is the company heading?

We are going to relax by starting to plan new projects from the beginning of January, we are really looking forward to spring. We hope that this dynamic is not going to change and all of our partners can stay enthusiastic and optimistic. Of course, we always have Plan B while we work on Plan A, but this detail should remain a surprise for the new year.

Finally, a more personal question: how do you spend the holidays this year?

In peace and quiet with the family, finally taking a little rest, which always means coming up with new ideas.