Two works by este’r partners nominated for BigSEE design award: Minute Lounge & Bar and Martonvásár Agroverzum are among the best in Europe

Two este’r partners projects have won the Winner category of the Slovenian-based BigSEE Interior Design Award, which presents hundreds of architectural and interior design projects from nineteen countries. Minute Lounge & Bar on Andrássy Avenue and Martonvásár Agroverzum are among the best interior design works of 2020: now the studio can compete for the Grand Prix.

“We are proud that our works have been included in the BigSEE selection and we are able to show international audiences the two special locations of Budapest and Martonvásár,” says Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer of este’r partners. An international presence has always been an important aspect of este’r partners: in addition to our partnerships, our extensive professional and supplier background from Europe, our design team also works every day so that our projects can compete anywhere in the world, representing professional value and uniqueness.”

Two completely different works by este’r partners have now been included in the international selection of the design award. The castle garden of Martonvásár was expanded last year with a interesting, modern visitor’s center: here in the Agroverzum, created next to the cultural heritage of the Brunszvik family, este’r partners designed an attractive, user-friendly, design-sensitive interior for children and young people. The visitor center is a perfect place for gaining knowledge, having museum pedagogy classes or learning. Creative interior design solutions such as huge popcorn hanging from the ceiling or wheat transformed into a design element helped to make science entertaining.


The Minute Lounge & Bar on Andrássy Avenue is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and elegant space where dark blue and forest green upholstery, glossy eco-leather surfaces, huge mirrors and special chandeliers all exude elegance and clarity. The Minute Bar serves breakfast to the guests of Hotel Moments, during the day it functions as a bistro while in the evening it becomes one of the city’s favorite cocktail bars. Keeping the large, curved windows of the impressive street front façade from Andrassy Avenue draws the eye to the interior of the building. Light-toned wood panels rising to the ceiling emphasize the high ceilings, green metallic eco-leather, three-dimensional wall hangings bring playfulness to the spacious space. The metropolitan atmosphere of the bar adds freshness to the classic Andrássy Avenue environment.

Grand Prix winners will soon be announced in the BigSEE competition, projects in the Winner category were invited to the design week in October in Ljubljana.

Full gallery of images of the Minute Bar and the Martonvásár Agroverzum can be found on este’r partners partners’ Behance page.