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Unique, special and timeless pieces: these are the main features of the selection in the latest catalogue by Eszter Radnóczy and the interior designer team of este’r partners.
In this collection of lovely gifts and accessories you might find some design highlights that will spice up your home and make someone's wish for a special surprise true.
Find some surprises of Italian designers and producers in this catalogue selected by este'r partners, all to make your home merry and bright.

Horm Casamania: Woodclock

87 x 79 cm | The perfect fit of six strips of solid wood is what characterizes Woodclock, a construction that metaphorically represents the perfect blending of daily tasks.

Designer: Carlo Stefanut

Bontempi: Fan magazine rack

53 x26 x 27 cm | Inspired by a fan, with its elegant design, the Fan magazine holder is perfect for any decor, from the living room to the office.

Design: Bontempi Casa

Bontempi: Illusion mirror

148 x 7 x 50 cm | Design mirror which combines the simple form of the rectangle with an optical illusion given by the folds of the reflecting surface.

Design: Bontempi Casa

Cassina: Miniature decor armchair

12,7 x 11,7 x 11,2 cm | A miniature version of one of the icons from the Le Corbusier collection: an armchair scaled 1:6, with the same new and authentic colours and the same soft and stiff leathers used for the original model.

Designer: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand

Bontempi: Break mirror

95 x 3 x 65 cm | Modern mirror, characterized by two diagonal joints that "break" the shape into four parts, giving this way an exciting reflection.

Design: Bontempi Casa

Horm Casamania: Zontik Corten umbrella stand

37.5Ø x 62H | The Zontik umbrella stand keeps longer pieces steady as well. The rotational formation provides it with a perfect stability and shape. The price refers to the painted polyethylene version as on the picture.

Designer: Karim Rashid

Seletti: Lipsticks beauty case

23 x 8 x 13 cm | Versatile and feminine. With its cool appearance this cosmetic bag can be a perfect gift for the lovers of pop art style.

Horm Casamania: Twist coat stand

Ø23,6 x 65,7 cm | The eight beech slats in its structure bend and twist as if they were dancing. Twist does not disappear when you hang coats and clothes on it, but it is emphasized as only its central part is covered.

Designer: Burtscher & Bertollini

Calligaris: Minimum umbrella rack

25 x 25 x 60,5 cm | Its sober and sophisticated lines elevate a normally minor furnishing element to an accessory that can be showcased.

Designer: Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Reflections Copenhagen: Belleville crystal perfume flacon

16,5 x 8 x 8 cm | The geometric lines of this perfume flacon, made in fine hand cut crystal, were inspired by 1920s Art Deco vintage boudoir. It deserves a central position in the space.

Reflections Copenhagen: Dallas crystal cake stand

23,8 x 32 x 32 cm | On this hand-cut crystal cake stand sweets, fruits or a cake look elegant and pretty.

Bonaldo: Anemone coat stand

52 x 52 x 165 cm | With its shape, Anemone is a reference to nature, a stable coat stand covered in fabric.

Designer: Fabrice Berrux

Saba Italia: Geo table

52 x 52 x 40 cm | A versatile small table with a nomadic allure that has the peculiarity of having a mobile top, allowing it to become a tray if needed.

Designer: Paolo Grasselli

L'Opificio: Carre Degrade cushion

50 x 50 cm | This hand-made Italian cushion with its snowflake design tunes to holiday.

Seletti: Why me soap

6,9 x 2,7 x 10,9 cm | Design soap with an extreme and morbid look which certainly catches the eye.

Designer: Maurizio Cattellan & Pierpaolo Ferrari

L'Opificio: Degrade cushion

35 x 50 cm | Oblong cushion with an elegant insert that brings light and tranquillity in your home.

Plust: Drago e Draghetto decoration

18 x 12 x 21 cm | This sculpture or its lamp version is a living proof that dragons are kind, loveable creatures.

Designer: Alberto Ghirardello

Bonaldo: Hang Up mirror

85 x 185cm | The unusual play highlighted by contrasting lines, a bold play on perspective will impress the observer.

Design: Andre Lucatello

Gallotti & Radice: Tip Tap Toe table game

28 x 28 x 4 cm | This elegant table game in Black Marquinia marble and solid brass invites to play.

Designer: Miscellaneous

Bonaldo: Tree coat rack

31x175cm | A unique item, strongly distinctive and with great expressive value. Available in intense colours or in their illuminating version.

Designer: Mario Mazzo

Miniforms: Tropicana mirror

Ø80 x 2,5 cm | „A cocktail for every season” - With an essential yet evocative palette, Tropicana mixes soft colours with primary geometric forms, lending the mirror a suggestive, inspiring character.

Designer: Matteo Zorzenoni

Bonaldo: Spiral mirror

70 x 169cm | The uniqueness of the mirror is given by the seam stitch which protects and decorates the edge of the mirror.

Designer: Ryosuke Fukusada

Gallotti & Radice: Folded tray

26 x 35,5 x 6 cm | This tray in satinated brass and antiqued mirror will be the special guest of every get-together.

Designer: Studio GCR

Seletti: Wine glass

Ø8,5 x 19,5 cm | Light, subtle wine glass with an unusual irregular aspect, imitating the flowing of wine.

Design: Selab

Seletti: Bite soap

8 x 6 x 3 cm | 100% natural soap with Sicilian citrus fragrance, with an extreme shape.

Seletti: Eye mug

Ø10 x 9 cm | Classic mug in enamel with some facelift.

Designer: Maurizio Catellan

Seletti: Breakfast tray

32 x 43,5 cm | Classic melamine tray with an extreme and digital design which gets you in the mood already in the morning.

Seletti: Lipsticks laptop bag

34,5 x 25 x 2 cm, 13” | A feminine solution for the holding and carrying of the laptop which makes the look of its user unique.

Seletti: My Robot sculpture

'7,4 x 12,4 x 30 cm | Can be put in children’s room, but is recommended for forever young adults as well.

Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Seletti: Fingers plate

Ø29 x 1,2 cm | With its structure and golden colour, the plate conjures the table elegant and festive. Available in sets of 2.

Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Seletti: Male foot sculpture/door holder

34 x 17 x 20 cm | A part of human body inspired by the work of the best classical Italian sculptors in a surrealist representation.

Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Seletti: Fingers cutlery set of 4

Knife – 21 cm, Spoon – 19,5 cm, Fork – 19,5 cm, Teaspoon – 13 cm A real ornament of the cover which presents the fingerprints on the handle.

Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Seletti: Love Notebook

10,5 x 15 cm | Cheerful calendar for the lovers of design, without age limits.

Seletti: Male hand sculpture

32,5 x 15 x 11 cm | Elaborated forms of antiquity have always inspired the designers of modern age. This porcelain sculpture is part of a 9-piece collection.

Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Seletti: Shit glass

Ø7 x 13 cm | Youngish glass with a grotesque motif.

Designer: Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari

Reflections Copenhagen: Venice cabinet crystal box

20 x 5,8 x 11 cm | The black and white colour combination of this cabinet is classic and clearly refers to the astounding Art Deco era. The Venice Cabinet is a stunning yet functional décor piece, which can be used in any room to store small objects.

Bonaldo: Day coat stand

60 x 165 cm | The Day coat stand, which is made up of interwoven metal rods, plays with the repetitiveness of metal wires to turn an everyday item into a sculptural element to put on display.

Seletti: Rainboots umbrella stand

20 x 27,5 x 36 cm | Autumn mood: gumboots and an umbrella are the perfect accessories of a rainy day.

Designer: Selab and Alessandro Zambelli

Plust: Diamond polyethylene vase

26 x 26 x 72 cm | Vase that by clean lines, recalls gemstones. Available in two sizes, is especially suited to architectural spaces and contemporary taste. Ideal for plants or small/medium size plant decoration.

Horm Casamania: Mamanonmama mirror

from 18x34 cm on | A unique design mirror, variable by elements.

Bonaldo: Magazine bag

35 x 14 x 50 cm | Magazine Bag is an original magazine rack in the shape of a traditional Japanese flower basket made of metal. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, so it is easily adjustable to any interior.

Designer: Ryosuke Fukusada

In-es. Artdesign: Place mat

34 x 46 x 0,5 cm | Colourful place mat directly from Italy. With its vivid colours it can accompany everyday and festive covers as well.

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