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Silent, stellar, dark night. Este’r partners studio realized a special catalogue for winter months to bring new light to homes and public places. In their catalogue Eszter Radnóczy and her team offer the most beautiful lamps, pendants and light sources of Italian designers and premium manufactures to anyone interested, encouraging them to make a small step towards tranquility, cosiness and new light even in these difficult, often gloomy times. Besides the passing lights of the holiday let’s choose from the collection some durable pieces of quality which stay with us.

Zava Luce: Etré wall lamp

66 x 180 cm | Imitation of a floor lamp, Etré is a classical-looking but astonishingly modern wall lamp which diffuses a warm light.

Designer: Alberto Caramello

UTU Lighting: Extrude table lamp

Ø35 x 70 cm | Table lamp of graphic design which, due to its form and variability works well in any design scheme.

Designer: Utu Soulful Lighting

Forestier: Oyster table lamp

Ø40 x 16 x 65 cm | The design reminds us of an oyster containing a pearl that diffuses a precious light.

Designer: Jette Scheib

Zava Luce: Dadí table lamp

18 x 18 cm | Determined, irregular and exciting from any point of view. This geometric lamp comes from a folded metal sheet.

Designer: Delineodesign

Zava Luce: Giacolù table lamp

Giacolù is not only a lamp, but a game as well. It allows you to create different objects by putting parts together – just like in our childhood.

Design: Delineodesign

In-es.artdesign: Moon floor/table lamp

Ø50 cm | With its warm and efficient light this metaphoric lamp is inspired by the moon.

Zava Luce: Grown table lamp

25 x 25 x 44 cm | A sequence of wire thread that will rhythmically play with the light: cut it, amplify it, disturb it, draw it. .

Designer: Delineodesign

Zava Luce: Arianna wall/table lamp

Ø30 x 14 cm | This playful and modern lamp can be chosen in bright colors.

Designer: Paolo Ulian & Caterina di Michele

Forestier: Papillon table lamp

Ø30 x 42 x 62 cm | This lamp, reminding the flapping of butterfly wings, transmits lightness and elegance.

Designer: Elise Fouin

Zava Luce: Net table lamp

Ø33 x 40 cm | Net is a unique lamp in sheet steel based on concentric, alternate lines, which can assume different forms.

Designer: Paolo Ulian

UTU Lighting: Loop table lamp

15 x 38 cm | Loop features an opal glass sphere held in place by a metal loop. A simple and graphic design that works equally well in contemporary and classic design schemes.

Designer: Utu Soulful Lighting

Seletti: Alphafont neon letters

15,7 x 35 cm | Joyful and decorative illuminated letter range, which even in children’s room creates a unique atmosphere. In set of two or general words.

Design: BBMDS

Forestier: Carpa table lamp

34 x 39 x 58 cm | With its web texture of metal wires this lamp brings excess brightness in our home.

Designer: Jette Scheib

Icone Luce: Luà LP table lamp

22 x 46 cm | Its adjustable light source makes this design table lamp exciting and highly efficient.

Designer: Marco Pagnoncelli

Forestier: Cymbal table lamp

Ø35 x 48 cm | This dual-material lamp with its Japanese-inspired design evokes cymbals.

Designer: Jette Scheib

Le Klint: Carronade table lamp

20 x 16 cm | The young designer drew inspiration from 17th century ship cannons as he created the lamp series, Carronade.

Designer: Markus Johansson

Zava Luce: Pato wall lamp

47 x 71 cm | A minimalist lamp with a copper rod that can be bent as desired to create the preferred silhouette.

Designer: Franco Zavarise

Gibas: TuttiFrutti table lamp

Ø20 x 38 cm | With its sculptural structure this contemporary lighting piece suits any interior style.

Designer: Davide Negri

Seletti: Bird waiting table lamp

29,5 x 18,5 cm | This modern table lamp brings nature into your home.

Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Brokis: Jack O'Lantern table lamp

26 x 32,5 cm | This modern lighting element with marble base, metal frames and a “pearl” placed inside can be the jewel of your home.

Designer: Lucie Koldova

Brokis: Balloons table lamp

28,5 x 40 cm | This timeless table lamp evokes images of hot air balloons, as if the handblown glass and an elegant metal reflector were hovering within.

Designer: Lucie Koldova & Dan Yeffet

Forestier: Take away table lamp

Ø27 x 29 cm | This wireless, Asian-style bamboo lamp, a work of craftsmen, diffuses soft light in the room.

Designer:Arik Levy

MM Lampadari: Paramount floor lamp

Ø33 x 180 cm | This floor lamp is characterised by decorative variety and uniquely vigorous lines.

Designer: Roberto Favaretto

Forestier: Chanpen table lamp

Ø26 x 41 cm | This table lamp of hexagonal or diamond texture, made of banana-leaf gives rise to superb projections of shadows on the walls. Can be chosen in black, white and natural color.

Designer: Anon Pairot

Oluce: Atollo table lamp

Ø25 x 35 cm | This lamp of geometric shapes, designed in the 70s, is now one that has fully become one of the icons of Italian design.

Designer: Vico Magistretti

In-es.artdesign: Cyrcus table lamp

Ø40 x 22,5 cm | Modern and decorative table lamp which is capable of influencing the color shades of space. With drawable surface.

Zava Luce: A-Shade table lamp

18 - 31 x 47 cm | The reduced lines of this lamp are inspired by a minimalist style.

Designer: Studio Douglas James

Zava Luce: Andromeda wall lamp

50 x 30 cm | Brave and unique: this lamp will certainly be a spectacular point of space.

Designer: Paolo Ulian

Le Klint: Snowflakes pendant

Ø29 cm | The suspended snowflakes bring a festive atmosphere in the home with their soft light.

Design: Tine Mouritsen

Icone Luce: Cristalglob table lamp

28 x 60 cm | Table lamp with a modern and minimal design which is ideal for lighting and furnishing.

Designer: Marco Pagnoncelli

Seletti: Mouse table lamp

5 x 15 x 12,5 cm | Thanks to Marcantonio, this lamp throws new light upon the world.

Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

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