Elegant cocktail bar with interesting interior design: Minute Lounge&Bar opened on Andrassy Avenue

Metropolitan atmosphere that evokes the coolest places in New York, Milan or Paris: the lounge & bar unit of Hotel Moments’ on Andrássy Avenue opened at the end of November with interior design solutions provided by Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer and her team, the este’r partners. Forest green and dark blue upholstery, glossy eco-leather surfaces, huge mirrors and unique chandeliers exude elegance and clarity. The classic, but clean and sophisticated interior complements the excellent facilities of the historic building.

“We have designed an elegant interior that is enjoyable at all times of the day,  at the same time it shows new solutions and matches the classic character of Andrassy Avenue,” says Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer and founder of este’r partners.

The interior design team employed a number of unique design solutions. Keeping the large, curved windows of the impressive street front façade from Andrassy Avenue draws the eye to the interior of the building. The bar is connected not only to the exterior and but also to the hotel’s large, airy lobby.

The spacious surfaces of the huge U-shaped bar are perfect for admiring the cocktail master from far away or even sitting at the counter. Light-toned wood panels rising to the ceiling emphasize the high ceilings while the light green metallic eco-leather, three-dimensional wall hangings bring playfulness to the spacious space. The elegant effect is enhanced by the dark blue and forest green velvet covers of the chairs and benches. The bar is also upholstered: the three-dimensional eco-leather surfaces are Flukso products from Italy.

The custom-designed brass luminaires follow the shape of the oblong bar. The two central chandeliers, known as Leaf, adorn the living room: they are Italian products of the company called MM Lampadari. Interestingly, the chandelier weighed 40 kilos and, due to its serious size, arrived in several pieces. These, along with the elegant bronze and silver mirror surfaces on the ceiling and walls, add to the experience of the space.

During the first half of the day, the Minute Bar serves breakfast to hotel guests and other customers in the most beautiful setting and during the day it functions as a bistro while in the evening it offers cocktails. The more than 100 square meters bar welcomes its guests with unique cocktails and design solutions that provide a high-quality, exclusive environment at any time of day.


If you wish to publish pictures from the article please kindly indicate that the photos, ordered by este’r partners, were made by Norbert Juhász.

Project leader interior designer: Eszter Radnóczy

Este’r partners team: Szabó Csilla, Gyurics Fanni, Zellei Hajnalka