Twelve topics, twelve year-end and year-opening thoughts from Eszter Radnóczy: happy new year from este’r partners and the Estorio team!


2023 was a year of continuation, reflection and structuring. I think it’s difficult to assess achievements and progress in years, and the professional life of este’r partners can rather be evaluated in periods of a few years. The major work started in 2022 and continued this year, so it was a busy one, full of design work. We have also expanded our team and added new projects to our portfolio.



The boutique hotel created from the renovation of the Rodostó villa in Balatonfüred is another project of ours where we have continued to provide professional support this year. We look forward to the opening of the 5-star villa hotel, a real landmark of the city in its full glory in 2024.



The hotel, designed by este’r partners, developed by Wing Zrt, is already starting to stand out at the airport. The 168-room, four-star hotel is being developed to offer affordable luxury as part of the expansion of the TRIBE hotel brand in Europe. Its design is dynamic, timeless, international, long-lasting, with a small eclectic and artistic touch.


The Danube Event Boat is one of our unique projects, which is in the construction phase in parallel with the planning and the design. Rebuilding a boat requires different use of materials, due to humidity, movement and the thermal expansion of structural iron. These challenges need to be addressed while designing a huge, multi-functional, one-of-a-kind floating-mobile hospitality venue. It will be an event venue unique in size and also in design.


I am very grateful that our work has been recognized by the Italian press this year and that we have been featured in several publications, such as Domus Magazine.


Szentendre will always be the heart of our professional work, the majority of the design work continues to take place here. In the last 8 years since we moved in the villa, we have filled it to the point where we are almost running out of space. We still love working here because we are surrounded by a creative, elegant and green environment.


Music and opera have become part of the Estorio’s life since it opened nearly 2 years ago. We have also announced a call for entries for the Budapest Design Week, the winning textiles were based on quite fascinating ideas and were awarded by the Opera’s press.


Hotel planning is a special field within interior design. We are not only involved in the design but also regularly in the construction. At the beginning of the year, we opened the completely rebuilt community spaces of the former Artotel Budapest (now known as Park Plaza Budapest), where we were responsible for the project management and the general construction.



One of our favorite projects completed this year was Zazie Bistro, which opened at the Mol Campus.

It was exciting to design a bistro with a relaxing beach vibe in a modern office setting, behind a long glass facade. The atmosphere of the Kopaszi-gát bay has inspired the space where flow experience leads you to the tables, like landing on a small sand dune on the Danube.



Estorio will celebrate its second birthday this year, in 2024. 2023 has been about strengthening Estorio’s activities: we have built many business relationships and friendships in the industry and we have also further deepened our cooperation with our partners. We’re also delighted that Estorio’s sales have been so successful.

We have organized many inspiring workshops and events, and have signed exclusive distribution agreements with Valcucine, Flukso, Dutch Wall Textile and Cosy International.


Our versatile activity requires a real teamwork, where colleagues with different competences and know-how support each other.

Naturally, this also means a division of tasks and a clear definition of responsibilities.


2024 will be a year of fine-tuning to continue our success. I am confident that after our short break, we will be able to continue all the projects we have started, recharged and filled with fresh travel experiences, and the new year will bring new things!