Clear lines for clean food: dr. Lenkei’s Clean Food flagship store is open

The first flagship store of dr. Lenkei’s Clean Food brand has opened in the 15th district, in Mehola department store. The interior designer este’r partners focused on simple lines, clear spatial organization and the use of natural colors and materials when designing the first store of the franchise chain. This sleek interior design concept provides the right base for a diverse and colorful product range and conveys the philosophy of the client, Lenkei company: natural, clean food.


A striking element in the symmetrical design is the so-called moss gate: the inside of the entrance door is painted dark green and partly covered with flat moss. The entrance is not only a visual element, but also a spiritual “tool”: a symbol of purification that compels customers and those interested to enter the space in a transcendent state. The moss gate is powered by air humidity and is custom-designed.

The key elements of the store are the designer lamps suspended from the ceiling, positioned above the cash desk and the gondolas: this is not the first time that the team of este’r partners has used the natural-looking Paper Up lamps made from recycled material.

On both sides of the space there are modular shelving systems from AluStyle frames with LED lighting hidden in their columns, with a drawer element at the bottom. The designers integrated a sink and coffee machine into one of the sidewall shelving systems. The product information on the shelving system can be placed in holders, and colored posters above the shelves display the origin and the background of the products. Every dr. Lenkei store has a café corner where people can taste the coffees available here. A discreet, special solution is the magical pixels on the coverings created from the products of Vogue Ceramica and Graph Color, above the reception desk and on the back wall: the delicate Italian design brings playfulness into the space.

The concept of interior design, based on the green-pastel-natural wood triad, aims to convey simplicity and clarity: the team of este’r partners created the first store of the franchise with a harmonious, clean design.

Interior design: este’r partners

Lead designer:  Eszter Radnóczy

Designers:  Mónika Vajta,  Fanni Gyurics

Floor and covering: Vogue Ceramica

Design lamps: Paper Up

Wall painting: Valpaint Valrenna

Shelving system: AluStyle GP3

Bar chair: Colos

Moss gate: Virágkoktél Design