The success of este’r partners is determined by structure, creativity, an international approach and reliability. From the talents and needs, we develop ideas and memorable concepts that ensure the success and a strong self-identity of all our projects.

Our Hungarian and international portfolio consists of wide-ranging architectural and interior design works which, upon request, are executed by our team. Our activities cover residential and corporate commissions: besides hotels, restaurants and bars, shops, offices, museums, galleries, flats, lofts and houses, our portfolio is formed also of the reconstruction works of heritage buildings and castles.
The architectural work is directed, monitored and checked by our qualified and experienced project leader architects, appointed for the individual project. Along the process of planning we place particular emphasis on supporting each project with counselling and supervision during the implementation phase as well. All this fosters execution quality, faithful realization of plans, and the keeping of timing and financial plans.


During the years, our office established a wide range of international relationships; with producers we have personal, in many cases friendly relations. We don’t know impossible: there is no such an extraordinary fabric that we could not find – or in case the product dreamt up is not available, we plan and get that produced by our partners for the given project.


ESZTER RADNÓCZY  lead designer founder

STEFANO NAPOLITANI  lead architect, partner

CSILLA SZABÓ lead architect, designer

RÉKA FARKAS financial manager

EDIT VONZA architect, interior designer

HAJNI ZELLEI interior designer

MÓNIKA VAJTA interior designer

MÓNIKA MÉSZÁROS architect, interior designer


BORBÁLA KISS architect

GÁBOR PAPP commercial manager



ANITA KORITKE design consultant

ANDREA KOVÁCS sales assistant

KRISZTINA SZABÓ office manager

CSABA VARGA project manager

ZSÓFI NAGY designer

ESZTER LUKÁCS interior designer

BLANKA PÁLÓCZI interior designer

BIANKA BÁNÓCZI graphic designer

ZSÓFI BÁNYAI graphic designer

ESZTER VARGA engineering assistant