“We started building with passion” – este’r partners interior design studio is fifteen years old

Eszter Radnóczy, who celebrates the fifteenth birthday of este’r partners with her team, gave an interview at Minute Lounge & Bar, the newest cocktail bar on Andrássy Avenue. Este’r partners has become known for interior design work on projects in the Hungarian architectural and creative sector, such as the Emerald Residence on Szervita Square, Agroverzum in Martonvásár, the Zwack Visitors’ Center, Good Spirit Whiskey Bar, Hotel Moments Budapest, the Feller Adrienne Store, the Bar Garden Bistro, the Italian restaurant La Fabbrica as well as the interior designs of many clients’ private homes and villas, and the two high-quality Andrássy Avenue hotels, the A3 and the A52.

“I started building my company out of passion and it hasn’t changed since then. What’s different is that now I’m working with an international team of twenty-five people, which gives me creative space and provides a solid background.” says Eszter Radnóczy who recently opened an office in Milan with her Italian partner, Waves Project Ltd., lead by Stefano Napolitani, a recognized professional in the Italian real estate industry. The architectural and interior design concept of their first joint international project, the so-called “riverfront villa”, will debut this spring.

“Esther’s approach to economics, her awareness, transparency, traceability and strict budget control are the key pillars that make a company stable,” says Réka Harkay-Farkas, financial manager of este’r partners. “In the fifteen-year history of the company, it has always been our priority to be reliable partners alongside creative ideas and uniqueness – this is essential in working with our clients, who are happy to choose us over and over again.”

The year of 2019 was a great success for este’r partners: the interior design plans for Andrássy Avenue 3 and 52 were introduced to the public, and there was also great interest in the interior design concept of Emerald Residence, a luxury investment in Budapest. At the end of the year, the Minute Bar & Lounge opened, where besides the challenges of the different functions (breakfast bar, bistro, cocktail bar), Eszter and her team were able to create an international atmosphere with the creative use of blue, green and gold colors and with the special lighting and coverings; the project was also noticed by the English-language press. The opening of the office in Milan was rather a return to home, as Eszter Radnóczy, a graduate of the University of Milan, has an Italian network of relationships, which in most cases, besides professional values, is characterized by personal trust.

“Obviously, working on grandiose hotel developments is a prestige and a challenge, and we are delighted that our work has shaped the spaces of many hotels and restaurants in Budapest. However, the design of private residences, homes and villas is just as important and we do not want to neglect this area, in fact, we consciously put these kinds of projects in our portfolio,” says the manager of este’r partners.

Eszter also revealed that she would soon show her international knowledge and solid commercial background of fifteen years of experience in a construction not yet seen on the Hungarian market. And the slogans can be familiar for the clients: partnership, combination of high quality and wonderful atmosphere, and of course the indispensable Italian espresso and prosecco.