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Twelve topics, twelve year-end and year-opening thoughts from Eszter Radnóczy: happy new year from este’r partners and the Estorio team!


2023 was a year of continuation, reflection and structuring. I think it’s difficult to assess achievements and progress in years, and the professional life of este’r partners can rather be evaluated in periods of a few years. The major work started in 2022 and continued this year, so it was a busy one, full of design work. We have also expanded our team and added new projects to our portfolio.



The boutique hotel created from the renovation of the Rodostó villa in Balatonfüred is another project of ours where we have continued to provide professional support this year. We look forward to the opening of the 5-star villa hotel, a real landmark of the city in its full glory in 2024.



The hotel, designed by este’r partners, developed by Wing Zrt, is already starting to stand out at the airport. The 168-room, four-star hotel is being developed to offer affordable luxury as part of the expansion of the TRIBE hotel brand in Europe. Its design is dynamic, timeless, international, long-lasting, with a small eclectic and artistic touch.


The Danube Event Boat is one of our unique projects, which is in the construction phase in parallel with the planning and the design. Rebuilding a boat requires different use of materials, due to humidity, movement and the thermal expansion of structural iron. These challenges need to be addressed while designing a huge, multi-functional, one-of-a-kind floating-mobile hospitality venue. It will be an event venue unique in size and also in design.


I am very grateful that our work has been recognized by the Italian press this year and that we have been featured in several publications, such as Domus Magazine.


Szentendre will always be the heart of our professional work, the majority of the design work continues to take place here. In the last 8 years since we moved in the villa, we have filled it to the point where we are almost running out of space. We still love working here because we are surrounded by a creative, elegant and green environment.


Music and opera have become part of the Estorio’s life since it opened nearly 2 years ago. We have also announced a call for entries for the Budapest Design Week, the winning textiles were based on quite fascinating ideas and were awarded by the Opera’s press.


Hotel planning is a special field within interior design. We are not only involved in the design but also regularly in the construction. At the beginning of the year, we opened the completely rebuilt community spaces of the former Artotel Budapest (now known as Park Plaza Budapest), where we were responsible for the project management and the general construction.



One of our favorite projects completed this year was Zazie Bistro, which opened at the Mol Campus.

It was exciting to design a bistro with a relaxing beach vibe in a modern office setting, behind a long glass facade. The atmosphere of the Kopaszi-gát bay has inspired the space where flow experience leads you to the tables, like landing on a small sand dune on the Danube.



Estorio will celebrate its second birthday this year, in 2024. 2023 has been about strengthening Estorio’s activities: we have built many business relationships and friendships in the industry and we have also further deepened our cooperation with our partners. We’re also delighted that Estorio’s sales have been so successful.

We have organized many inspiring workshops and events, and have signed exclusive distribution agreements with Valcucine, Flukso, Dutch Wall Textile and Cosy International.


Our versatile activity requires a real teamwork, where colleagues with different competences and know-how support each other.

Naturally, this also means a division of tasks and a clear definition of responsibilities.


2024 will be a year of fine-tuning to continue our success. I am confident that after our short break, we will be able to continue all the projects we have started, recharged and filled with fresh travel experiences, and the new year will bring new things!

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Hotel Oktogon in Design Street Magazine

There are milestones in every company’s life. Our work, the interior design of Hotel Oktogon, Budapest in Design Street is one for us: a magazine that we have loved and followed every since, a voice in design we have always found worth listening to. What an honour – thank you!

L’Hotel Oktogon di Budapest, tra storia e design


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A new inspirational space: Estorio launches its pop art concept

Astonishing. Charismatic. Bold. Entertaining. Introducing the concept of a new apartment designed by Eszter Radnóczy and the team of este’r partners as a continuation of the Estorio showroom. The extraordinary apartment was based on a pop art style, it shakes you up and spins you around, it’s a whole new approach to the metropolitan milieu.

“From the very beginning, the Estorio showroom was a unique, creative space and an inspiring venue: our aim was to show what happens when we design without a client, for our own pleasure, with our imagination running wild and boldly combining design brands and ideas we believe in,” explains interior designer, Eszter Radnóczy. “The goal is still the same: to create a space for our highly sophisticated clients that represents the highest aesthetic standards and quality in every detail.”

The impressive design solutions are once again provided by Estorio’s partners: the showroom, opened in 2022, has already introduced and represents nearly 30 international design brands, mainly Italian, Dutch and German ones, to Hungary.

From the moment you enter, the stunning red terrazzo tiles create a classic atmosphere in the entrance hall and the deep blue color is inviting you into the home. The unique barisol print attracts the eye while the giraffe of Queeboo Giraffe in Love is playing with the light in the light shaft.

The centerpiece of the kitchen is Valcucine’s deep blue kitchen, which can easily be transformed into a closed design box. Erba Italia’s dining table, made of small gold leaves, is supported by animal legs reflecting the mood of the apartment. The playfulness is enhanced by the Artemide designer lamp floating above the table.

The sand-colored living room, with its soft, rounded shapes and lights, relax the eye; it is visually a place that is perfect for recreation. The living room is spacious and the design emphasizes the bourgeois apartment’s ample space with the Italian Erba Italia sofa taking center stage.

The Italian-made Foglie d’Oro wood flooring provides an exciting contrast to the graphic designer’s ‘wild game’ rug, which sits beautifully at the foot of Black Tie’s blue bed. Behind the bedroom there is a hidden wardrobe, tailor-made by the Italian brand, Cosy International.

For designers, pop art means to create an experience, not in a museum-like way, but to add a sense of playfulness with surprising contrasts, bold colors and to elevate familiar objects to a new level. Estorio’s new pop art-style concept is designed for everyone who is looking for a high quality, inspiring and creative home.

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Téli séta Szentendrén Radnóczy Eszterrel

Évértékelés helyett, új terveink bemutatkozását megelőzve idén csendes, téli sétára hívjuk partnereinket, barátainkat, az este’r partners olvasóit. Az adventi Szentendrét Radnóczy Eszter belsőépítésszel jártuk végig – következzenek az ő szavai a képgaléria kísérőjeként.

Fotó: Körmendi Imre

„A téli Szentendre számomra az állandóságot, a nyugalmat és a hagyományt jelenti. Ahogy a harangszó, a macskakövek, úgy a Betlehem és a kis karácsonyi vásár minden évben a karácsonyi időszakra hangol, mióta csak emlékszem – és ez így van jól. Az adventi Szentendre meghittsége értékes és hagyományőrző, de minden évben tartogat egy-egy új kellemes meglepetést. Ilyenkor, a karácsony közeledtével minden évben sok ügyféltalálkozónk, lezárandó munkánk van, ezek között pedig jól esik Szentendre csendessége.”

Fotó: Láng Nándor

A Főtér könyvesboltja számomra szintén a változatlanság helye és amikor idejövök, már előre tudom, hogy ismerőssel fogok találkozni. Szeretek ide belépni, átfutni az újdonságokat, egy-egy új kötettel hazatérni.

A téli Szentendréhez hozzátartozik a forró csokoládé, a biztos tippem ehhez az Édeni Édességek Boltja. A neve mindent elárul: édes, forró, igazi téli hangulatot hozó italokat kóstolhatunk itt. A reggeli szemes kávémat is itt szerzem be a legszívesebben.

Az adventi bóklászásnak nem csak az adventi vásár a része, hanem sok kis helyi bolt meglátogatása is. Kedvenceimhez tartozik Nagy Sándor képkeretező műhelye, ahol a különleges képkeretek és képrestaurálás mellett rengeteg inspiráló művészeti kelléket is be lehet szerezni a karácsony előtti kreatív készülődéshez. A bolt szomszédságában található az Oringó Ékszerműhely, ahol már több kedvenc ékszerem járt restaurálásra. Emellett nagyon szép saját kollekciója van a boltnak, ami tökéletes karácsonyi ajándék.

Fotó: Láng Nándor

Szentendre a galériák városa, mi, itt lakók pedig pezsgünk ebben. A galériákban keverednek a művészeti és az iparművészeti alkotások, mindig történik valami izgalmas, újító is. Bár ez a tél az intézmények átmeneti bezárása miatt egy kicsit csendesebb, Erdész László galériája az ünnepnapok kivételével nyitva tart, illetve a Czóbel Múzeum, majd januártól a Vajda Múzeum is szép programok várja a művészetkedvelőket. Ide is szívesen betérek és mindig új impulzusokkal távozom.

Egy hosszú séta után családdal vagy társaságban mindenképp kívánkozik egy jó beszélgetés egy pohár sör vagy bor mellett egy olyan helyen, ahol mindig barátsággal fogadnak. Mindezt az Adria Caféban találtuk meg, ahova gyakran és szívesen járunk.

Fotó: Erdész Galéria és Czóbel Múzeum

A karácsony és az azt követő napok nekem a családról szólnak: otthonunkban és az este’r partners otthonában, a szentendrei Vadászház épületében működő irodánkban is művészet vesz minket körül. Az ünnepek alatti megnyugvás alkalmából idő jut ilyenkor hosszabban is gyönyörködni, gondolkodni egy-egy képen vagy műtárgyon.

Az évről évre elővett, szép régi tárgyak nekem az ünnepet, az állandóságot jelentik. Karácsonykor a gyerekeim is hazatérnek, ilyenkor megtelik fénnyel, élettel, régi-új családi történetekkel a ház.

Minden kedves ismerősünknek, barátainknak hasonlóan szép pillanatokat, meghittséget és boldog, áldott ünnepeket kívánok!

Szeretettel: Eszter

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Budapest showroom opening: Estorio is the new home of international designer brands

Interior designer Eszter Radnóczy and the este’r partners studio opened their first showroom, Estorio – home of designer brands: in the apartment on Dalszínház Street, overlooking the Opera House, more than thirty international design brands are displayed and arranged according to a unique concept. The genre-defining showroom is a meeting point, interior design pilot project, creative showroom, turn-key real estate development concept and the regional debut of international design brands.

“Estorio is a complete professional fulfillment for us designers: we have been able to enjoy our freedom and the unlimited flow of our team’s creativity in this apartment. Over the past decades, we have built many personal and professional international relationships through este’r partners, our interior design studio in Budapest and Milan, and I have always dreamed of bringing together these wonderful brands, unique and high-quality Italian, French, Hungarian, Dutch and German designers. With Estorio, not only will our concept be realized, but also Europe’s premium brands will be brought together in an inspiring space – I’m proud that our first location is here, in Budapest” – says Eszter Radnóczy, interior designer and founder of Estorio.

Estorio is now opening its doors to more than thirty international brands, some of which have not been available in Hungary or the products could not be seen in showrooms. These include Kreoo, a manufacturer of washstands, bathtubs and tables that combine traditional Italian marble with modern technology and can be interpreted as a masterpiece of applied art; Foglie D’Oro, a manufacturer of elegant, unusual geometric or walnut parquet flooring with marquetries or stone inlays; OliveLab, an Italian design start-up with unique lamps, and Cosy International, a manufacturer of high-quality glass and aluminium wardrobe furniture.

Other prestigious brands will also be available through Estorio: fabulous textiles from Rubelli, founded in 1858, products of premium wallpaper manufacturer Dutch Walltextile Company, based in Amsterdam, stunning textiles from Italian ZavaLuce, a dazzling and innovative lighting manufacturer, gorgeous fabrics of Flukso or Missoni Home, elegant and stylish furniture from Black Tie, or products from Valcucine, the high-tech kitchen technology giant with a sustainable approach.

Some of the brands will be available for the first time in the Central European region, as exclusive partners of Estorio – they will bring the Hungarian design community, architects, interior designers, decorators and property developers one step closer to the products of selected design brands, and to the turn-key concepts. The concept is supported by este’r partners’ decades of design and implementation experience and its international network of contacts across Europe – combined with outstanding design creativity.

As Gábor Papp, Estorio’s commercial manager, describes it: “Estorio is more than a showroom: we promise to offer a 360-degree service, from finding the perfect real estate to choosing the door handle of the home, we bring everything to life with the highest level of design solutions, including turn-key implementation on demand. The showroom next to the Opera House is just one possible realization of the values that come together in Estorio – the possibilities are endless and the next step is up to our clients.”

Eszter Radnóczy adds: “Estorio is a constantly changing, exciting online and offline space that evolves together with the culture and our partners; already after the first concept has been realized, we are making alternative versions of the same space accessible on our website, using 3D renderings. We’d like to show how different selections, the coordination of product groups or the customization of various elements can create unique atmospheres, how the overall picture can change as a result of combinations, and how the expertise and unique approach of our design team can be brought together again and again in a common space.”

The first showroom in Budapest reflects the atmosphere of the Opera House, which reopened in March. Designed with soft lights, fresh colors, elegant lines, playing with metals and mirrors – all of the highest quality and without compromise. The venue is in a typical Budapest location, it’s a stunning residential apartment on Dalszínház Street overlooking Andrássy Avenue, which not only offers a view of the Opera House from its balcony, but the designers have also created reflections in the furniture and surfaces to be able to show different glimpses of one of the most beautiful works of Hungarian architecture at all times of the day.

The team at Estorio is unstoppable: Eszter Radnóczy’s team will soon continue the unforgettable fusion of concept and design brands in a new European location.

Estorio is open in a showroom concept, please book an appointment.


Website: www.estorio.com

Instagram: estorio.home

LinkedIn: estOrio – home of designer brands



Lead designer, founder: Eszter Radnóczy

Lead designer and project manager: Mónika Szommer

Creative concept and graphic design: Fanni Sokorai-Gyurics Sokorai, Bianka Bánóczi, Zsófia Nagy

Commercial manager: Gábor Papp

Showroom management: Anita Koritke, Andrea Kovács

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2021: a year at este’r partners

2021 was an exciting and eventful year for the este’r partners team: the design and execution of some of our grand projects, Buda Civic Casino and the Emerald Residence have been completed. During the year we participated in several exhibitions and fairs with great atmosphere and important professional impressions. In addition to site visits and meetings, we always tried to allow time for celebration, conversation and creative reflection. We open the new year with our favourite team photos of 2021!

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It is out: the new Informa catalogue with art direction by este’r partners

Informa has presented its new catalogue to the Hungarian public: the Italian company combines aluminium machining with high technology to meet market needs where functionality is combined with elegant, lightweight appearance in the field of doors and storage systems. In addition to the production unit in Hungary, Informa’s headquarters in Székesfehérvár has been expanded with a professional showroom.

Informa manufactures filigree doors and windows, concealed and sliding doors using natural, brushed and surface-treated profiles in various metallic shades which can be aligned to divide entire spaces. Their storage systems are also flexible with a variety of systems for all types of office and residential storage. The systems have the advantage of mobility, flexibility and stability during use, but also a modern and state-of-the-art look.


Este’r partners has been asked to create the new Informa catalogue. With a designer’s approach and a deep knowledge of the product range we have designed the spaces in the catalogue to present Informa’s product range. The graphic and stylistic design of the catalogue, photography, technical drawings, illustrations and hand-drawings are also the creative work of our office.

Art Direction by este’r partners

Artistic coordination by Fanni Gyurics

Graphics by Márk Gelley

Visual design by Lars Lovas

Hand drawings by Bianka Bánóczi

Technical drawings by Hajnalka Zellei

Printing by Pauker Nyomdaipari Kft.


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Colorful and bold: Supersalone in Milan

An extraordinary exhibition in a new concept. After one and a half years of postponement, Milan’s renowned architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri (designer of the Vertical Gardens, Giardini Verticali and other buildings) has come up with the idea of a furniture and design exhibition to be held in September at a different time from usual. Interior designer Eszter Radnóczy tells us about this year’s Milan Design Week.

This year the organizers’ idea was to show the latest products of the manufacturers in a museum-like concept, in order to reduce costs and increase transparency. I spoke to several of our partners before the exhibition, they were excited and a little disappointed. Disappointed, because there was little time to prepare, and many did not even want to participate, saying that it was risky, there would be few visitors, it could be canceled at the last minute due to unexpected consequences of the virus, and there would be no opportunity to show the full range of products.

I arrived at the venue with curiosity and left happy after a day’s visit.

The event was transparent, with companies lined up neatly one after the other, mostly with strong messages and stands that trigger curiosity. Creativity could also be seen in such a small space of a few hundred meters and the distinctive characteristics of the manufacturers were recognizable. Of course, anyone familiar with the vast and endless exhibition at the Salone del Mobile was certainly not expecting this. However, the latest product, an important message, a creative idea about the product, its appearance or its quality, quickly found its space.

There was no need to register to visit the stands, no need to look for the owner or representative, they would just sit on the sofa on display or behind the counter. I enjoyed this democratic approach: I could sit next to them, have a conversation and everyone seemed more relaxed and considerate than usual. Surely this concept favors professional visitors, previous knowledge of products and manufacturers is necessary to understand the different exhibition.

Milan Design Week is not just about the exhibition at Fiera, but also about the venues outside. This week, design dominates the city more than usual. The permanent showrooms will offer special programs and installations to visitors. Smaller manufacturers, who do not have showrooms in Milan, will organize joint events.

The “big ones” are looking for venues where the space in itself offers a great experience. A multitude of palazzos welcome visitors, where the old and antique meet the new and innovative. Milan is colorful, very colorful and, as always, bold. Everything is bright, shiny, too big, too small, rough and soft. Contrasts come together in a surprising proportion and become a defining experience.

Now to some of my experiences in detail:

Besides Italian design, I’m in love with French creativity. I love French design because of its eclecticism and its fantastic handling of geometry with curves and when it combines nature with technique. It’s truly fabulous. The Hermés exhibition in the Brera district was just like that. A village decorated with colorful geometric patterns, impulsive interior stages set within huge rustic clay walls, an experience of objects, space and color, the concept that combines tradition with innovation which is linked to Charlotte Macaux Perleman.

The French Institute in Milan is a beautiful building in itself, with a monastery courtyard in the centre, near the Basilica of Sant Ambroggio. At Fuori Salone, we had the opportunity to see designer Piere Nigro’s furniture in collaboration with Mobilier national. The Armadillo collection of furniture allowed the manufacturer to demonstrate virtuosity in woodworking. The exhibition presented the structure and logic of small pieces of furniture made up of solid wooden rectangles. The other product, the Hémicycle seating range, was produced in collaboration with the French manufacturer Ligne Roset, who was involved in its design and upholstery. The furniture’s metal frame and structure showed the creative technology in pieces.

The Nilufar Gallery in Via della Spiga and the Nilufar Depo always has surprises in store. Nina Yashar presents large-scale, eclectically selected projects and unique pieces, which she discovers through meticulous research and further develops with designers.

Entering the monumental atrium of the industrial building, we can admire the sculptures of Pietro Consagra Matacubi, born in 1920 and part of the largest international contemporary collections. The building’s stage is dedicated to the so-called Odyssey exhibition, where Andrés Reisinger’s first Italian show was held.

The designer talks about the relationship between the digital and the real world through a dialogue between the furniture and the projected image.

Last but not least, the installation called Jungle, by Khaled El Mays, is a work of beauty and sustainability.


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A spring day in our studio in Szentendre

Welcome to our studio in Szentendre: a photo gallery of creative moments of our team.

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Egy tavaszi nap az este’r partners stúdiójában

Megmutatjuk szentendrei stúdiónkat: kreatív pillanatok irodánkból egy csodaszép tavaszi napon.