Eszter Radnóczy and este’r partners win the Hotel Interior Designer of The Year award at Klasszis Top Design

Este’r partners received another professional recognition: the jury of the Klasszis Top Design 2022 competition gave the Hotel Designer of the Year award to Eszter Radnóczy and the este’r partners team. This year, este’r partners has worked on interior design solutions for hotel projects such as the Emerald Residence&Suits on Szervita tér and the Hotel Oktogon, that opened this summer, also the art’otel located on Bem tér, which was created in international cooperation. The renovation of the public space of one of the popular hotels on the Balaton shore is also happening, just as the construction of the hotel and restaurant called the General’s House in Tokaj, which is being built with a special wine chapel – este’r partners are working with great enthusiasm on the new spaces of the hotel industry.

“I received the award with great pleasure, as our team has been working on the interior design of hotel spaces since the founding of este’r partners. Hotel design is always unique and exciting, as we always try to show something elegant, cool or trendy and interior, while at the same time understanding and knowing what provides travelers with comfort is essential. Without my team at este’r partners, these complex projects of many years would not have been possible, I am so grateful for their work!” – said Eszter Radnóczy after the award ceremony.

The award was received by lead designers Eszter Radnóczy and Csilla Szabó on behalf of our team at the ceremony held at the Mystery Hotel. At the award ceremony, Johannes Westreicher, the owner of the Grand Hotel Lienz in East Tyrol, greeted the finalists in a short video message on behalf of the international jury, Zsuzsanna Ács, managing director of the Klasszis Group, which launched the competition, and designer Zoltán Varró, the president of the jury, also spoke. This year, for the first time, Klasszis Top Design awarded creators who provide unique solutions in the hospitality and hotel industry in the Hungarian Horeca industry.


Best of Cersaie: this year’s favourites by este’r partners

In the life of este’r partners, autumn means travel: this is when we visit our partners, see their new products, but also visit the most important autumn exhibitions. Cersaie International Exhibition in Bologna is a permanent program in our calendar, where the most beautiful Italian ceramic manufacturers present their new products every year. The este’r partners team prepared a short report on this year’s event.

One of our first experiences was visiting 41Zero42: the youthful, relaxed, often humorous presentation of the Italian company led us through the cavalcade of colors. The fresh-thinking brand involves contemporary art in its design processes in a very exciting way for us. In addition to the exciting, powerful patterns, the color choices and the alternation of glossy and matte ceramics were also impressive.

Mutina recently moved to a new showroom: we were very happy to visit them, and not only because of the warm welcome. In the huge, creative exhibition space, in addition to their new collection, our team was greeted by a fresh and exciting selection of design furniture. In addition to the colorful, patterned, glazed ceramics, there were more restrained pieces with a structured surface. Exciting cultures mix spectacularly in the Mutina showroom: it’s easy to happily get lost in the Italian, French and Japanese influences and, of course, to touch everything.

During the visit to Cersaie, our team also visited the showroom of Emilgroup, one of the partners of este’r partners and the Estorio showroom. Emilgroup, one of the most important Italian tile manufacturers, dazzles us year after year with its new products, among which there is almost no limit to the workmanship, the varied colors and styles, or the sizes.

In addition to the three highlights, this year’s Cersaie exhibition had a number of colors, shines and surfaces that caught our team’s attention. To finish our journal from Cersaie 2022, let’s see a little selection from our favourites!


The revival of sophisticated elegance: este’r partners’ concept for Buda’s newest villa park

The newest villa park in Mártonhegy, in the 12th district of Budapest, will be based on the interior design concept of este’r partners. The high-class investment is being built in a forest setting and focuses on the meeting of soft, natural spaces and sophisticated elegance. The seven villas feature some of the finest European design, creating cozy spaces that residents can enjoy every day. Eszter Radnóczy, the lead designer, and her team are now taking us into their world of clean and unique design – as usual, with a little Italian twist.

Each of the seven apartments in the villa park has a private garden and a large terrace, so a perfectly cozy private space is created in the vast area. The interior design concept of the apartments was created by Eszter Radnóczy, lead designer, and the interior design studio este’r partners, in the spirit of elegant, soft design, always keeping in mind that the soft colors of the nearby forest and nature should be reflected in the interior of the apartments.

“In Hungary, it is rare to find the kind of unity of thought that we have here during the development in Mártonhegy,” says Eszter Radnóczy. When the architectural concept is in such deep harmony with the interior design, it is guaranteed that every detail will be ideally positioned, harmonious, valuable and timeless.”

The forward-looking elegance of the apartments combines a high level of spatial organization with sophisticated design solutions. In this villa, the living-dining room functions are beautifully blended and the room is divided by spectacular and comfortable furniture. The space is characterized by soft curves and rounded surfaces, which play an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere. The natural colors on the walls, the textiles and the choice of furniture resonate with the surroundings and the forests of Buda. The harmonious balance is broken only by a single distinctive piece, such as the Besana rug in the living room or the striking armchair in the bedroom.

“According to our clients, the character of the work of the este’r partners often has a female perspective, a woman’s touch. This applies here too: we believe that the soul of a home designed with a female logic lies in the numerous storage spaces, the hidden surfaces, the soft details and the harmony that runs through every detail – all of which contribute to the feeling of coziness. This is especially important in projects such as this villa development, where the buyer only needs to arrive with one suitcase – everything else is a part of the new home,” adds Eszter Radnóczy.

In the Buda villa park, only the large sliding doors and other huge windows separate the residents from the garden and the forest. The apartments are built with smart solutions and the technology needed for efficient operation, keeping sustainable solutions in mind. The real highlight is the designer kitchen by the Italian premium kitchen technology giant Valcucine, which can completely hide all the functional parts if needed, and offers one of the best premium solutions on the market when it comes to cooking.

A key focal point in the design was a functional, inspiring study, as with the recent rise of remote work, residents can spend full working days in this room. The star of the newly presented apartment is a chair by the unconventional Italian brand, Black Tie. It offers not only the ergonomics needed for optimal working, but also looks aesthetically pleasing. The bedroom’s bed and comfortable armchair are perfect for recharging, while the carefully selected lamps and lights ensure complete relaxation. The apartment is furnished with the Italian brand, Cosy’s wardrobe closet, introducing the world’s most enviable luxury wardrobes to the residents of the villa park.

In this project, este’r partners uses almost the entire range of products from their showroom Estorio, near the Opera House, opened this spring, in order to create an exclusive harmony in design. The apartments feature premium products from Italian, Dutch and German design in an unique chemistry. Valcucine’s kitchen solutions combine a sustainable approach with high-tech solutions, while Rubelli’s fabulous textiles and Galotti&Radice’s unique elegance or the refined lamps of the Italian ZavaLuce provide a real sense of luxury.


An apartment to love: bright spaces and modern interior design in Buda

In the most elegant neighborhood of Buda, in a house of great architectural importance, a complex interior design project was realized by Eszter Radnóczy, lead designer, and the team of este’r partners.

The city apartment with panoramic views of the Danube has three en suite bedrooms, a spacious American kitchen and an elegant living room. The original layout of the apartment was complex, with varying ceiling heights and a confusing wall system, so the first challenge was to develop the ideal floor plan – the result was a spacious, clean space.

The classical interior is characterized by a minimalist use of materials: the marble-like, large-format tiles, the natural, soothing colors, the wood paneling and the large but light furnishings create a beautiful harmony. The atmosphere of Buda is enhanced by the rebuilt stucco and wooden panels, the work was carefully completed by the este’r partners’ own team.

The project won the international award of Emilgroup in Prestigue category in 2022.


Lead designers: Eszter Radnóczy, Hajnalka Zellei

Photo: Dániel Molnár


Este’r partners wins international award for interior design of a residential building in Budapest

Eszter Radnóczy and este’r partners have won an international award: the prestigious Italian ceramic tile manufacturer Emilgroup has announced the winners in four categories. Este’r partners won the Italian company’s award for the design solutions of a high-class residential building in Budapest. Eszter Radnóczy accepted the award in Italy – the interior design studio has won in the Prestige category. The winners were selected by the jury from hundreds of international entries.

“Emilgroup has been an important part of the Italian tile industry for a long time. The company includes five different brands, each based on different concepts and styles but all sharing a high level of manufacturing technology, quality and innovation. As interior designers, we love working with Emilgroup products because of their diversity, their wide range of products and their great value for money. Their slogan is one hundred percent true: Italian heart, worldwide vision. We are very grateful that such a renowned and respected Italian manufacturer has awarded a Hungarian project with this prize”, said Eszter Radnóczy after the award ceremony.

Photo by Emilgroup

Interior photo: Dániel Molnár


A new chapter in the life of the Andrássy Avenue Palace: Hotel Oktogon is open

Hotel Oktogon opened its doors in June, the building was originally a much-loved palace on Andrássy Avenue, later a public library and, for a time, one of Budapest’s favorite nightclubs. After three years of renovation, the building is now open as a hotel, designed by este’r partners interior design studio (lead designers: Eszter Radnóczy, Hajnalka Zellei) and architectural partner Archikon.

The neo-Renaissance palace at 52 Andrássy Avenue was built at the end of the 19th century, between 1884 and 1886, designed by Henrik Schmahl, who also designed the Párisi Court and the Urania National Film Theater, and developed by the Swiss-born brewer and mill owner Henrik Haggenmacher.

The elegant palace has been restored and renovated, retaining its original character, the inner courtyard behind the representative gate now features a lobby and a breakfast area instead of horses and carriages, the details of the ceiling in the corridors were given back their original beauty, while the interior design remained sporty and casual, designed to match the style of the hotel’s guests.

In our short interview, we talked to lead designer Eszter Radnóczy about the interior design of the palace’s renovation.

What are the details and stories from the history of the building that were important to you in the design process?

The history of the Haggenmacher and later the Dreher family and their numerous real estate investments in the center of Budapest are all remarkable. The Haggemacher Palace is characterized by its central staircase, painted arches, ceilings and natural light. All of these outstanding features have been restored to their original appearance and represent a significant legacy for the future. Being part of its rebirth has been a long, challenging process, but definitely an exciting experience.

Can you describe the atmosphere in the lobby?

The architects have linked the part of the historic building to the contemporary staircase in the lobby. Now this space has a new function and meaning with the former open courtyard becoming a space enclosed by a glass roof. While the flooring and facade elements follow the style of historic buildings, the furnishings and installation elements are adapted to the hotel’s youthful, cosmopolitan atmosphere. They are colorful, clean, comfortable and vibrant.

What solutions did you use in the historic room?

The rooms are characterized by their original wood paneling, which has been restored to its original light walnut color. The large size of the rooms allowed the bathroom blocks to be positioned in the center of the room, leaving the original coffered wood paneling on the exterior walls. This central spatial planning allowed us to divide the space within the historic room into a bedroom, a hallway and a living room. The walls and ceilings are dark green, with deep shades to match the wooden panels. The furnishings are a classic-modern combination.

The hotel is sporty and cool, but also elegant. What does 3 stars “allow you to do”?

The building has a lot to offer in terms of experience and value, I think it is one of the most exciting houses on Andrássy Avenue – it was beautiful even before the renovation. The new design brings new life, freshness and complements the heritage of the period, without damaging the original, but renovating it to serve new values, modern comfort and functional and aesthetic needs.

What are the design highlights of the building?

The basic building elements were dominant: warm gray stone decorations, pillars, cornices, black and light gray diagonal checked flooring, and painted ceilings with leaf patterns above the staircase, this color composition was discovered during the renovation. In the interior design, dynamic colors were used throughout the non historic area of the building, with a trio of basic color combinations of red, green and blue and their pastel versions featuring the whole building, sometimes together and sometimes separately. The rooms are bright, cheerful and compact, the quality of the color and the use of materials make them more interesting. The airy appearance and mixed function of the lobby is also quite fascinating, it is now both a bar and a breakfast area. The reduced and curved pieces of furniture are accompanied by objects that are deliberately eye-catching, such as long neck floor lamps and flower pots that enhance the visual experience.

Photos by Tamás Pál





Este’r partners wins awards at international design festival, BigSEE

Eszter Radnóczy and este’r partners interior design office returned home from the international architecture and design festival BIG SEE with four awards. The team received professional recognition for several of its projects at the event in Ljubljana : the Agroverzum in Martonvásár, the Sfinx bar (former Minute bar) at Andrássy Avenue, the restaurant of the Emerald Residence, and their own showroom Estorio next to the Opera House. At the festival, which was held for the first time after a two-year break due to the epidemic, the winners of this year’s awards were presented alongside those of previous years.

The award ceremony was also followed by a presentation opportunity, so the audience had the chance to see four short presentations of the interior design works of the Hungarian office.

“BigSEE has not just grown into a prestigious architecture festival known throughout Europe over the past years, but it has also provided a great networking opportunity. It was a pleasure for us that after the presentation of the Hungarian projects, many foreign professionals showed interest in our work, and we had a pleasant conversation with our Italian and Slovenian colleagues on site. We are looking forward to welcome them in Budapest!”

Award-winning works by este’r partners (2020 and 2021)

MTV Agricultural Science Centre Visitor Centre, Agroverzum, Martonvásár

Sfinx bar, Budapest

Emerald Residence Restaurant, Budapest

Estorio showflat, Budapest


Feminine, soft atmoshpere with leaf pattern: este’r partners designs Italian Vagheggi’s showroom and training centre in Budapest

Este’r partners designed the interior of the Hungarian showroom of Vagheggi beauty brand from Verona. A training room, a community space, a kitchen and service areas can be found in the 300 sqm showroom located in Budapest.

The concept of the showroom follows the Italian company’s branding, which was developed by WEA Group – este’r partners was responsible for the design of the additional features, graphic solutions, the execution design and project management.

The communal kitchen has stunning curved shapes. The feminine, soft atmosphere is further enhanced by the illuminated leaf pattern on the ceiling. One of the walls will feature a design wallpaper by the Italian company, Affreschi while the othern wall will have a unique mottled style wall paint by Wallpaint. The atmosphere is further softened by modern furnishings. The space is characterised by a sophisticated mix of powder colours and green.


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Budapest showroom opening: Estorio is the new home of international designer brands

Interior designer Eszter Radnóczy and the este’r partners studio opened their first showroom, Estorio – home of designer brands: in the apartment on Dalszínház Street, overlooking the Opera House, more than thirty international design brands are displayed and arranged according to a unique concept. The genre-defining showroom is a meeting point, interior design pilot project, creative showroom, turn-key real estate development concept and the regional debut of international design brands.

“Estorio is a complete professional fulfillment for us designers: we have been able to enjoy our freedom and the unlimited flow of our team’s creativity in this apartment. Over the past decades, we have built many personal and professional international relationships through este’r partners, our interior design studio in Budapest and Milan, and I have always dreamed of bringing together these wonderful brands, unique and high-quality Italian, French, Hungarian, Dutch and German designers. With Estorio, not only will our concept be realized, but also Europe’s premium brands will be brought together in an inspiring space – I’m proud that our first location is here, in Budapest” – says Eszter Radnóczy, interior designer and founder of Estorio.

Estorio is now opening its doors to more than thirty international brands, some of which have not been available in Hungary or the products could not be seen in showrooms. These include Kreoo, a manufacturer of washstands, bathtubs and tables that combine traditional Italian marble with modern technology and can be interpreted as a masterpiece of applied art; Foglie D’Oro, a manufacturer of elegant, unusual geometric or walnut parquet flooring with marquetries or stone inlays; OliveLab, an Italian design start-up with unique lamps, and Cosy International, a manufacturer of high-quality glass and aluminium wardrobe furniture.

Other prestigious brands will also be available through Estorio: fabulous textiles from Rubelli, founded in 1858, products of premium wallpaper manufacturer Dutch Walltextile Company, based in Amsterdam, stunning textiles from Italian ZavaLuce, a dazzling and innovative lighting manufacturer, gorgeous fabrics of Flukso or Missoni Home, elegant and stylish furniture from Black Tie, or products from Valcucine, the high-tech kitchen technology giant with a sustainable approach.

Some of the brands will be available for the first time in the Central European region, as exclusive partners of Estorio – they will bring the Hungarian design community, architects, interior designers, decorators and property developers one step closer to the products of selected design brands, and to the turn-key concepts. The concept is supported by este’r partners’ decades of design and implementation experience and its international network of contacts across Europe – combined with outstanding design creativity.

As Gábor Papp, Estorio’s commercial manager, describes it: “Estorio is more than a showroom: we promise to offer a 360-degree service, from finding the perfect real estate to choosing the door handle of the home, we bring everything to life with the highest level of design solutions, including turn-key implementation on demand. The showroom next to the Opera House is just one possible realization of the values that come together in Estorio – the possibilities are endless and the next step is up to our clients.”

Eszter Radnóczy adds: “Estorio is a constantly changing, exciting online and offline space that evolves together with the culture and our partners; already after the first concept has been realized, we are making alternative versions of the same space accessible on our website, using 3D renderings. We’d like to show how different selections, the coordination of product groups or the customization of various elements can create unique atmospheres, how the overall picture can change as a result of combinations, and how the expertise and unique approach of our design team can be brought together again and again in a common space.”

The first showroom in Budapest reflects the atmosphere of the Opera House, which reopened in March. Designed with soft lights, fresh colors, elegant lines, playing with metals and mirrors – all of the highest quality and without compromise. The venue is in a typical Budapest location, it’s a stunning residential apartment on Dalszínház Street overlooking Andrássy Avenue, which not only offers a view of the Opera House from its balcony, but the designers have also created reflections in the furniture and surfaces to be able to show different glimpses of one of the most beautiful works of Hungarian architecture at all times of the day.

The team at Estorio is unstoppable: Eszter Radnóczy’s team will soon continue the unforgettable fusion of concept and design brands in a new European location.

Estorio is open in a showroom concept, please book an appointment.



Instagram: estorio.home

LinkedIn: estOrio – home of designer brands



Lead designer, founder: Eszter Radnóczy

Lead designer and project manager: Mónika Szommer

Creative concept and graphic design: Fanni Sokorai-Gyurics Sokorai, Bianka Bánóczi, Zsófia Nagy

Commercial manager: Gábor Papp

Showroom management: Anita Koritke, Andrea Kovács


Budapest opens English brewery in the heart of the city with fresh design

Our client, a company with a British background, has opened Gravity Brewing, a craft distillery and tasting space in downtown Budapest. Este’r partners was responsible for the interior design of the public spaces and the spectacular tasting room in the historic corner building.

Decorative elements such as Mutina’s design brick create an exciting focal point in the retail space, the counter, made of glazed bricks and pieced together from small elements, is covered with a wooden panel. The Gravity logo is also featured on the flooring, enhancing the brand’s image.

The industrial-style loft features a unique wall covering and can be accessed by a designer staircase. A cosy tasting room can be found upstairs, it is a great place for groups or companies to enjoy a tasting. The real highlight of the interior is a David Groppi’s designer lamp.