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The world of the Hungarian Opera House inspired the designers: Réka Cserveny is announced as winner of the textil design competition

The Budapest Design Week, which is 20 years old this year, provided the framework for the textile design competition, which was announced by Estorio showroom and Italy’s leading textile company, Flukso. The three prize winners were able to present their applications on 13th October for the audience, Eszter Radnóczy, interior designer and Estorio founder and Raul Scruzzi, Head of Business Development of Flukso appreciated the first-placed Réka Cserveny’s work.

The goal of Estorio, which launched the tender, was to inspire graphic designers to create a textile pattern, in which the magical world of the Hungarian State Opera and the Hungarian opera music also plays a prominent role. Their partnerin the tender was one of Italy’s leaders textile company, Flukso, which produced high-quality fabric and unique printing provided them with technology.

The winner textile will be exhibited with the name of the winning designer in the Estorio showroom together which is located in Dalszínház street, in the neighborhood of the Opera House. The design also had to take into account the colour scheme and style of the showroom, and it was important to ensure that the series of patterns or designs would fit into the Estorio space.

Second prize winner Krisztián Balogh’s work was inspired by the sphinx sculpture in front of the Opera House, combining it with soft colours and eye-catching india patterns. The third place winner, Enikő Balogh, transformed the dancers’ movements into a repetitive graphic pattern. The first prize winner presented a very exciting piece of work: Réka Cserveny took the architectural floor plan of the Opera House and creatively transformed it into a textile pattern that showed playfulness and met high aesthetic standards.

Interior designer Eszter Radnóczy said, “We were impressed by Réka’s work, the way she turned a creative idea into a very usable, unique design. The usability of the pattern was very well thought out, in the high level textile design represented by Flukso such a design is very applicable, it feeds on a specific motif system, but can also function as an abstract pattern.”

The afternoon continued with a round table discussion announced as part of the Budapest Design Week programme. The invited guests, András Almási-Tóth, Artistic Director of the Opera House, Móni Kovács, founder of Komonka textiles and Adrienn Nagy, Assistant Professor and founder of the Rienne brand, were guests of Eszter Radnóczy, who discussed the relationship between art and interior design.

It was pointed out that interior design cannot be separated from art, and traditionally they have been closely co-existing fields. András Almási-Tóth shared with the audience that after the renovation, the Opera House wants to offer a complex experience on all levels (from arrival to departure), not only the space but also the mindset has become more open. Eszter Radnóczy explained in detail how their showroom, opened a year ago, is connected to the elegant world of the Opera House, and what are the sophisticated features that make the space suitable not only for design lovers, but also for celebrating with a glass of prosecco in the apartment overlooking the Opera House before or after an opera performance. Further analysing the relationship between interior design and art, Móni Kovács spoke about the biggest changes in the textile industry in Hungary, the decline of weaving mills and the decline of the manufacturing background, and told that abroad it was considered a speciality that he was able not only to design but also to realise textiles. Adrienn Nagy added that in this country it is difficult even for university students to meet the quality that even a woman’s costume could offer in the great era of textile art. Sustainability was a prominent theme in the discussion: circular thinking gives us the chance to reintroduce into our lives the works of previous eras that need to be revisited.

Among the visions for the future, all the interlocutors stressed that supporting art, finding artists can only be the first step, the aim is to create higher quality works, unique artistic expressions, designed for realisation in domestic conditions, in interior design – the intention, openness and connection of designers and creators is already a given, a joyful starting point.

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Celebrating 275 years of Villeroy&Boch

Every year we are happy to join the beautiful brand, Villeroy&Boch’s summer party, but this time it was very special. 275 years of history, elegance and timeliess design was someting to celebrate: excellence in ceramics was cherished by este’r partners team, too. We enjoyed a presentation of the Villeroy&Boch factory’s history and also was mesmerized by their surprise – a piece of history of 275 that vwe could take home.

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Meet our partners: Emilgroup

Italian heart, worldwide vision – this is the slogan of Emilgroup. As an interior designer partner, how do you see this reflected in their work?

Emilgroup has been an important part of the Italian tile industry for a long time. The company includes five different brands, based on different concepts and styles: Emil Ceramica, Ergon, Provenza, Viva and Level. They all share a high level of manufacturing technology, quality and innovation. Within the brands, there are specific product categories to meet the widest range of interior design needs, from classic to minimalist, from vintage to art deco. We love working with Emilgroup products because of their diversity, their wide range of products and their great value for money.

One of the key elements of the brand is that they have been working for over half a decade to be able to take control of the entire process, from the selection of materials to the final design solutions. Why is this 360 degree care important?

For a product to be professional in terms of both technology and its appearance, the materials have to be carefully chosen. The quality is determined by the manufacturing technology and top-quality materials. It is very important to be aware of the new trends so that you can follow the best ones of the year, combine colors and create completely unique design solutions. This is best achieved when a company controls the entire process and keeps it in its own hands. This is their strength and this is why Emilgroup is highly recognized in the market.

The Tele di Marmo Onyx collection offers surfaces that transform into artworks. In which spaces and in response to what kind of customer needs do you think you can work with these special marbles?

The Level brand’s Tele di Marmo collection includes large stoneware porcelain tiles that can be used to tile entire walls with or without minimal grouting. The tiles reflect the patterns of existing stones, or extinct stones that can no longer be mined in the world, in lifelike stoneware porcelain tiles. The onyx line is available in five colors, such as ivory, pink and black. The iconic stones make any bathroom or living room exquisite, the tiles are lightly translucent and easy to handle with its thicknesses of 6.5 and 10.5 mm.

Emilgroup has come up with spectacular large ceramic tiles this year. What extra possibilities does this offer the designers?

When tiling, these tiles are also used as mirror images of each other, this way striking patterns can be formed. They create unique artworks, specific images that capture the imagination. Although special attention must be paid to these giant tiles when moving and tiling, once installed the product is visually beautiful with its unity and unbroken running patterns.

Year after year, you visit the brand and its representatives at Italian exhibitions and fairs. Why are these in-person meetings with both the material and the professionals important?

Keeping in touch is essential from both a professional and a human point of view. Design and technology are constantly evolving, we can only learn about this first-hand from the representatives of the factory. This also gives us an opportunity to learn about the physical properties of these porcelain stoneware tiles, their possible uses and new trends through the manufacturing process.

Besides, the personal contact is very important and being friends makes working together a lot smoother. Emilgroup celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation last autumn. We were invited to the celebration and were delighted to see the decades-long dedication to quality and innovation. This commitment is the secret of Emilgroup’s continuous success.

You can find Emilgroup in the Estorio showroom.

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Este’r partners presents its latest catalog: Hungarian Design 35

Este’r partners interior design studio has continued its series of design catalogs, this time presenting the best of Hungarian design in a special online selection. The aim of the designers who created the catalog was to show the wide range of high-quality, authentic Hungarian products and artworks that interior designers can choose from.

The catalog will soon be available in Hungarian as well as in English, so that este’r partners’ extensive international network of partners can also get to know the work of the most successful Hungarian designers. The launch of the catalog took place on 19 November in Szentendre, in the studio of este’r partners, celebrating it with a wonderful champagne breakfast.

“Our latest collection, Hungarian Design 35, was born to collect, recommend and bring together the talent, creativity and uniqueness of Hungarian designers we know,” says interior designer Eszter Radnóczy, owner and chief designer of este’r partners. “This selection is a glimpse of the rich, courageous and increasingly successful works of Hungarian designers; as interior designers and architects, we are happy to work with all of them and represent them not only in Hungary but also in our international projects. We believe that the world of interior design is driven by personal relationships, recommendations, encounters, and by real human values. We would like to contribute to this by not only presenting the works of art, lamps, furniture, ceramics or textiles on a shared platform, but also by bringing together the unique creators behind the Hungarian brands.”

The catalog has selected the best pieces by lamp designers, textile designers, ceramicists and furniture designers, among others, in a single volume, with names such as HelloWood, Adamlamp, PaperUP, Error ‘n more, Dreaming Threads or the creations of Ági Franta, Komok and Komonka.


The catalog is available via:

Magyar Design 35 – esterpartners


Este’r partners team:

Eszter Radnóczy, Fanni Gyurics and Márk Gelley

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Meet our partners: ZAVA

Continuing our series featuring the brands that appear from time to time in este’r partners’ interior design work, their names stand for high quality and unique design. Zava Luce’s unique metalworked lamps and lighting fixtures are made in Italian factories, combining innovation and creativity with Italian tradition. In today’s article, the brand is presented by Eszter Radnóczy, interior designer and representative of Zava Luce in Hungary.

The role of light and lighting is becoming increasingly important in interiors, wherever we are: in a hotel, restaurant, office or at home. Why is this?

Light is not only a function, but a fundamental tool for design thinking. Indirectly used, it highlights the surface or the object which is in focus. With direct lighting and with a well-chosen luminaire at the right angle, which can be masked if necessary, we can direct the light only to the object and in the outline we want.  In every case, it is important to pay attention to what colour temperature reflection is achieved on the surface that is illuminated. The lamp itself can be an aesthetic element in the interior. If you want mood lighting and not to play with reflections, it is worth using diffused lighting, with the help of openwork or textile shades.

The ZAVA Luce brand was founded in 1982 by Franco Zavarise out of passion. Passion is one of the key words the brand regularly uses when describing themselves – what reflects their passion for design?

Franco is a dedicated artist, a creative dreamer and a problem solver. The traditional metalworking and the development of unique objects with metal gave him the idea to develop his own collection and products. His fascination for the new and the unique, his focus on function, his deep knowledge of metalworking and the art of surface treatment are the main features of Zava Luce brand. These, and the young engineers and designers who develop the products, are the basis of Zava’s success.

What does the brand represent and why do you like working with their products?

Quality, innovation, architectural and craftsmanship skills and flexibility. Zava’s products serve well the specific needs we defined in our work, with a wide range of indoor and outdoor options.

Their Metallo Nativo collection is unique and thoughtful with playful solutions. How can you work with these design products, what do they add to your work, to your interiors?

The metallic surfaces are varied, from shiny gold to corten, from rose to brass, and can be combined individually. It is important to note that the use of the precious metal, copper, plays a primary role in Zava’s products.  The copper effect and the powder-coated surfaces require specific order for cost-saving solutions. The technical luminaires are modular, decorative and clean in form.

The brand has nearly forty years of experience – what makes Zava special?

In the case of Zava, it’s important to note that they are a small manufactory, where handwork is even more important. This is rarely available in larger companies anymore, especially not with a Made in Italy label. As I mentioned earlier, it is the high degree of metalworking and the use of precious metal that distinguishes them from their competitors.

How do your products sell, what kind of feedback do you get from customers?

We have been working with Zava Luce’s range of products for many years, we have never had any problems, but pleasure and satisfaction. This is why we choose them regularly and are happy to represent them on the Hungarian market.

You can find ZAVA in the Estorio showroom.

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Meet our partners: Flukso textile

Passion, design, and technology – the renowned Italian textile company, Flukso has built its brand around these concepts. In our interview with Eszter Radnóczy, Hungarian partner of Flukso textile, we discussed why Flukso textile is the best choice and what values the team of este’r partners and the Italian company share.

What values does Flukso textile represent? Why do you enjoy working with them?

Flukso is one of the most technologically advanced, innovative manufacturers in the world of upholstery fabrics and faux leathers. The innovation of Flukso products shows passion, long-term approach, good taste and clarity. Their variety of products include eco-leathers, woven textiles and their versatile range of colors, so Flukso meets all our needs for fabric use in hotels, public places and private homes. The large selection and the wide stock available also help the work of designers and constructors. There are plenty of opportunities, because they also deal with custom-made textiles, whether it is printing or quilting, it’s always customized.

A meeting of passion, design, technology and sustainable solutions – this is how they characterize themselves. How do you see this brand?

That’s a perfect description. They do have very innovative textiles that meet our high demands: abrasive resistance, colorfastness, washability and easy care. It is important to note that with the introduction of new technologies, they have a wide range of antibacterial and antiviral textiles, so they respond quickly to new demands. The company’s flexibility and positive effort to help adds a lot to this, which represent key assets.

They have 50 years of experience and 3,000 customers – what does this mean for you?

An important feature of Flukso is that they basically offer single-colored and patterned textiles, which are widely used. The high-quality and fashionable material and color selection helps a lot in the work of the designers. As the family business has been on the market for five decades and continues to develop, leading Italian furniture companies work with their products, so they are present throughout the segment.

Quality in detail – this is a feature of both Flukso and este’r partners. Why is this important?

Quality is particularly important for technical fabrics, the pattern does not hide the characteristics of the material. High quality and dense weaving, material density, abrasion resistance guarantee the durability and excellent quality of the product in the long run, even after frequent use and several years. Este’r partners share similar values: we do not provide fast solutions but focus on value retention and value-add design.

What are the projects where Flukso textile is the best choice?

In hotels we use it for bed backrests and bed linens, puffs, and restaurant seats, but it can also be used to design wall coverings and countertop covers. The same usability is present in residential projects as well, Flukso brand stands for a high-standard, durable, and cost-effective product. We recommend and use their products widely because of the high quality and unique look they represent, and based on the feedback from our clients, it means long-term success.

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Meet our partner: Cosy International

Style and elegance: two concepts around which the Italian wardrobe expert Cosy International has built its brand. We asked Cosy’s Hungarian partner, Eszter Radnóczy when and where she recommends using the Italian partner’s solutions.



How would you describe Cosy as a company and what values does it represent?

Cosy is a dynamic minded company with professionalism and extensive experience in the timber industry and it is easily adapting to the changing needs of the market. Cosy is a reliable partner as we can always count on their expertise. The company simultaneously offers the traditional commitment of Italians to design and is also open to our creative ideas and uniqueness.

Where do you use Cosy products?

We are happy to work with Cosy on projects that require unique and functional solutions. The products are made for customers of high standard, during the product development rich details are elaborated for an exclusive look, providing high-quality Italian technology.

Who would you recommend it to? What needs does Cosy respond to?

I recommend it to clients with Hungarian or international background committed to quality, who consciously choose elegance and focus on aspects such as the furniture proportion or the harmony of colors.

How is the collaboration between Cosy and este’r partners?

We enjoy integrating Cosy into our projects and we are happy to present them to the Hungarian clients as well. With similar premium Italian brands, in recent years we have managed to build a strong network of contacts that supports the highest quality work. The existence of this network allows us to serve complex projects, from joint concept planning through product design to material selection and installation.


Meet Cosy International!

The brand is proud to help its customers with products 100% Made in Italy, tailored to the needs of interior designers. Flexibility and tailor-made service are among the most important values: from measurements to material selection to the creation of the final atmosphere, they accompany their partners in the work.


Portrait: Attila Glázer

Photos: Cosy International

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Bemutatjuk partnereinket: Cosy International

Stílus és elegancia: két fogalom, ami köré az olasz gardróbok szakértője, a Cosy International felépítette elismert márkáját. A Cosy magyar partnerét, Radnóczy Esztert kérdeztük arról, hogy ügyfeleinek mikor és milyen terekbe ajánlja az olasz partnerünk megoldásait.

Milyen cég a Cosy és milyen értékeket képvisel? 

A Cosy egy dinamikus gondolkodású vállalat, nagy faipari és piaci tapasztalattal és professzionalizmussal dolgoznak, könnyen igazodik a piac változó igényeihez. Megbízható partnerek, akiknek szaktudására mindig számíthatunk: egyszerre nyújtják az olaszok formatervezés iránti, hagyományos elköteleződését és nyitottak a kreatív ötleteinkre, egyediségre is.

Milyen munkákban használod szívesen a Cosy termékeit?

Olyan projekteken dolgozunk szívesen a Cosy-val, melyek egyedi és egyben funkcionális megoldásokat igényelnek. A termék igényes ügyfeleknek készül, a termékfejlesztés során gazdag részletek kerülnek kidolgozásra exkluzív megjelenést, magas színtű olasz technológiát biztosítva.

Mely ügyfeleidnek ajánlanád – milyen igényt elégítenek ki a megoldásaik?

A minőség iránt elkötelezett magyar vagy nemzetközi háttérrel rendelkező ügyfeleknek, akik tudatosan választják az eleganciát, olyan szempontokat igényelve, mint a bútor arányrendszere vagy a színek harmóniája.

Milyen az együttműködés a Cosy és az este’r partners között?

A Cosy-t szívesen, gyakran integráljuk munkáinkba és örülünk, hogy elhozhatjuk őket a magyar közönségnek is. A hozzájuk hasonló, prémium olasz márkákkal sikerült az utóbbi években egy erős kapcsolati hálót kialakítani, amely a legmagasabb minőségű munkát támogatja. Ennek a hálózatnak a létezése lehetővé teszi számunkra a komplex projektek kiszolgálását, a közös koncepciótervezéstől a gyártmánytervezésen át az anyagválasztásig és beépítésig.

Ismerd meg a Cosy Internationalt!

A márka büszke rá, hogy a belsőépítészek igényeire hangolva, száz százalékban Olaszországban készült termékekkel segíti vásárlóit. A rugalmasság és az egyéni igények a legfontosabb értékek között szerepelnek: a mérésektől az anyagválasztáson át a végső hangulat megalkotásáig végigkísérik partnereiket a munkában.

Portré: Glázer Attila

Fotók: Cosy International