Eszter Radnóczy and este’r partners win the Hotel Interior Designer of The Year award at Klasszis Top Design

Este’r partners received another professional recognition: the jury of the Klasszis Top Design 2022 competition gave the Hotel Designer of the Year award to Eszter Radnóczy and the este’r partners team. This year, este’r partners has worked on interior design solutions for hotel projects such as the Emerald Residence&Suits on Szervita tér and the Hotel Oktogon, that opened this summer, also the art’otel located on Bem tér, which was created in international cooperation. The renovation of the public space of one of the popular hotels on the Balaton shore is also happening, just as the construction of the hotel and restaurant called the General’s House in Tokaj, which is being built with a special wine chapel – este’r partners are working with great enthusiasm on the new spaces of the hotel industry.

“I received the award with great pleasure, as our team has been working on the interior design of hotel spaces since the founding of este’r partners. Hotel design is always unique and exciting, as we always try to show something elegant, cool or trendy and interior, while at the same time understanding and knowing what provides travelers with comfort is essential. Without my team at este’r partners, these complex projects of many years would not have been possible, I am so grateful for their work!” – said Eszter Radnóczy after the award ceremony.

The award was received by lead designers Eszter Radnóczy and Csilla Szabó on behalf of our team at the ceremony held at the Mystery Hotel. At the award ceremony, Johannes Westreicher, the owner of the Grand Hotel Lienz in East Tyrol, greeted the finalists in a short video message on behalf of the international jury, Zsuzsanna Ács, managing director of the Klasszis Group, which launched the competition, and designer Zoltán Varró, the president of the jury, also spoke. This year, for the first time, Klasszis Top Design awarded creators who provide unique solutions in the hospitality and hotel industry in the Hungarian Horeca industry.


Best of Cersaie: this year’s favourites by este’r partners

In the life of este’r partners, autumn means travel: this is when we visit our partners, see their new products, but also visit the most important autumn exhibitions. Cersaie International Exhibition in Bologna is a permanent program in our calendar, where the most beautiful Italian ceramic manufacturers present their new products every year. The este’r partners team prepared a short report on this year’s event.

One of our first experiences was visiting 41Zero42: the youthful, relaxed, often humorous presentation of the Italian company led us through the cavalcade of colors. The fresh-thinking brand involves contemporary art in its design processes in a very exciting way for us. In addition to the exciting, powerful patterns, the color choices and the alternation of glossy and matte ceramics were also impressive.

Mutina recently moved to a new showroom: we were very happy to visit them, and not only because of the warm welcome. In the huge, creative exhibition space, in addition to their new collection, our team was greeted by a fresh and exciting selection of design furniture. In addition to the colorful, patterned, glazed ceramics, there were more restrained pieces with a structured surface. Exciting cultures mix spectacularly in the Mutina showroom: it’s easy to happily get lost in the Italian, French and Japanese influences and, of course, to touch everything.

During the visit to Cersaie, our team also visited the showroom of Emilgroup, one of the partners of este’r partners and the Estorio showroom. Emilgroup, one of the most important Italian tile manufacturers, dazzles us year after year with its new products, among which there is almost no limit to the workmanship, the varied colors and styles, or the sizes.

In addition to the three highlights, this year’s Cersaie exhibition had a number of colors, shines and surfaces that caught our team’s attention. To finish our journal from Cersaie 2022, let’s see a little selection from our favourites!


Este’r partners wins international award for interior design of a residential building in Budapest

Eszter Radnóczy and este’r partners have won an international award: the prestigious Italian ceramic tile manufacturer Emilgroup has announced the winners in four categories. Este’r partners won the Italian company’s award for the design solutions of a high-class residential building in Budapest. Eszter Radnóczy accepted the award in Italy – the interior design studio has won in the Prestige category. The winners were selected by the jury from hundreds of international entries.

“Emilgroup has been an important part of the Italian tile industry for a long time. The company includes five different brands, each based on different concepts and styles but all sharing a high level of manufacturing technology, quality and innovation. As interior designers, we love working with Emilgroup products because of their diversity, their wide range of products and their great value for money. Their slogan is one hundred percent true: Italian heart, worldwide vision. We are very grateful that such a renowned and respected Italian manufacturer has awarded a Hungarian project with this prize”, said Eszter Radnóczy after the award ceremony.

Photo by Emilgroup

Interior photo: Dániel Molnár


Este’r partners wins awards at international design festival, BigSEE

Eszter Radnóczy and este’r partners interior design office returned home from the international architecture and design festival BIG SEE with four awards. The team received professional recognition for several of its projects at the event in Ljubljana : the Agroverzum in Martonvásár, the Sfinx bar (former Minute bar) at Andrássy Avenue, the restaurant of the Emerald Residence, and their own showroom Estorio next to the Opera House. At the festival, which was held for the first time after a two-year break due to the epidemic, the winners of this year’s awards were presented alongside those of previous years.

The award ceremony was also followed by a presentation opportunity, so the audience had the chance to see four short presentations of the interior design works of the Hungarian office.

“BigSEE has not just grown into a prestigious architecture festival known throughout Europe over the past years, but it has also provided a great networking opportunity. It was a pleasure for us that after the presentation of the Hungarian projects, many foreign professionals showed interest in our work, and we had a pleasant conversation with our Italian and Slovenian colleagues on site. We are looking forward to welcome them in Budapest!”

Award-winning works by este’r partners (2020 and 2021)

MTV Agricultural Science Centre Visitor Centre, Agroverzum, Martonvásár

Sfinx bar, Budapest

Emerald Residence Restaurant, Budapest

Estorio showflat, Budapest


When Villeroy&Boch meets art: a presentation on Hotel A52 in partnership with Archikon

On the 7th of October, Villeroy & Boch held its annual design event where architect Csaba Nagy (Archikon) and interior designer Eszter Radnóczy (este’r partners) gave a presentation, called “Villeroy & Boch, the relationship between the brand and art”, on the hotel under construction at 52 Andrássy Avenue.

The so-called Haggenmacher Palace, built between 1884 and 1886 in neo-Renaissance style on Andrássy Avenue, was designed by Henrik Schmahl, who also designed the Paris Court in Budapest. The builder was Henrik Haggenmacher, a successful Swiss mill owner and brewer who lived in Hungary.

After the renovation, which is currently being completed, a 120-room, three-star hotel will open in the historic monument. The tenement palace, originally designed to meet the housing needs of the upper and middle class of the 19th century, will be renovated to include a glass-roofed atrium lobby and a breakfast room in the courtyard behind the wide and representative gate, which was originally entered by horse-drawn carriages. The building’s circular hanging corridor will retain its original cladding.

The basic character of the rooms in the A52 hotel will be red-grey, green-grey, blue-grey, with geometric shapes and a spatial design that aims to optimize space. The building also retains original details such as 19th century fireplaces and oak wall coverings, which will soon be beautifully restored and unique features of the meeting rooms and public spaces.

Since the daughter of the builder Henrik Haggenmacher married Jenő Dreher, the two largest Hungarian brewing families of the time have merged. Several design elements of the hotel reflect this, with a plaster statue of a horse in the lobby, which will be covered with Dreher Brewery labels.

The hotel is located on Andrassy Avenue, close to Oktogon. In addition to Hungarian guests, it is looking forward to welcoming tourists and business people visiting Budapest for a few days. While preserving the value of 19th details and respecting the building’s grand heritage, the interior design concept created by the este’r partners team is also sporty, easy-going and humorous.


Two works by este’r partners nominated for BigSEE design award: Minute Lounge & Bar and Martonvásár Agroverzum are among the best in Europe

Two este’r partners projects have won the Winner category of the Slovenian-based BigSEE Interior Design Award, which presents hundreds of architectural and interior design projects from nineteen countries. Minute Lounge & Bar on Andrássy Avenue and Martonvásár Agroverzum are among the best interior design works of 2020: now the studio can compete for the Grand Prix.

“We are proud that our works have been included in the BigSEE selection and we are able to show international audiences the two special locations of Budapest and Martonvásár,” says Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer of este’r partners. An international presence has always been an important aspect of este’r partners: in addition to our partnerships, our extensive professional and supplier background from Europe, our design team also works every day so that our projects can compete anywhere in the world, representing professional value and uniqueness.”

Two completely different works by este’r partners have now been included in the international selection of the design award. The castle garden of Martonvásár was expanded last year with a interesting, modern visitor’s center: here in the Agroverzum, created next to the cultural heritage of the Brunszvik family, este’r partners designed an attractive, user-friendly, design-sensitive interior for children and young people. The visitor center is a perfect place for gaining knowledge, having museum pedagogy classes or learning. Creative interior design solutions such as huge popcorn hanging from the ceiling or wheat transformed into a design element helped to make science entertaining.


The Minute Lounge & Bar on Andrássy Avenue is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and elegant space where dark blue and forest green upholstery, glossy eco-leather surfaces, huge mirrors and special chandeliers all exude elegance and clarity. The Minute Bar serves breakfast to the guests of Hotel Moments, during the day it functions as a bistro while in the evening it becomes one of the city’s favorite cocktail bars. Keeping the large, curved windows of the impressive street front façade from Andrassy Avenue draws the eye to the interior of the building. Light-toned wood panels rising to the ceiling emphasize the high ceilings, green metallic eco-leather, three-dimensional wall hangings bring playfulness to the spacious space. The metropolitan atmosphere of the bar adds freshness to the classic Andrássy Avenue environment.

Grand Prix winners will soon be announced in the BigSEE competition, projects in the Winner category were invited to the design week in October in Ljubljana.

Full gallery of images of the Minute Bar and the Martonvásár Agroverzum can be found on este’r partners partners’ Behance page.


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“We started building with passion” – este’r partners interior design studio is fifteen years old

Eszter Radnóczy, who celebrates the fifteenth birthday of este’r partners with her team, gave an interview at Minute Lounge & Bar, the newest cocktail bar on Andrássy Avenue. Este’r partners has become known for interior design work on projects in the Hungarian architectural and creative sector, such as the Emerald Residence on Szervita Square, Agroverzum in Martonvásár, the Zwack Visitors’ Center, Good Spirit Whiskey Bar, Hotel Moments Budapest, the Feller Adrienne Store, the Bar Garden Bistro, the Italian restaurant La Fabbrica as well as the interior designs of many clients’ private homes and villas, and the two high-quality Andrássy Avenue hotels, the A3 and the A52.

“I started building my company out of passion and it hasn’t changed since then. What’s different is that now I’m working with an international team of twenty-five people, which gives me creative space and provides a solid background.” says Eszter Radnóczy who recently opened an office in Milan with her Italian partner, Waves Project Ltd., lead by Stefano Napolitani, a recognized professional in the Italian real estate industry. The architectural and interior design concept of their first joint international project, the so-called “riverfront villa”, will debut this spring.

“Esther’s approach to economics, her awareness, transparency, traceability and strict budget control are the key pillars that make a company stable,” says Réka Harkay-Farkas, financial manager of este’r partners. “In the fifteen-year history of the company, it has always been our priority to be reliable partners alongside creative ideas and uniqueness – this is essential in working with our clients, who are happy to choose us over and over again.”

The year of 2019 was a great success for este’r partners: the interior design plans for Andrássy Avenue 3 and 52 were introduced to the public, and there was also great interest in the interior design concept of Emerald Residence, a luxury investment in Budapest. At the end of the year, the Minute Bar & Lounge opened, where besides the challenges of the different functions (breakfast bar, bistro, cocktail bar), Eszter and her team were able to create an international atmosphere with the creative use of blue, green and gold colors and with the special lighting and coverings; the project was also noticed by the English-language press. The opening of the office in Milan was rather a return to home, as Eszter Radnóczy, a graduate of the University of Milan, has an Italian network of relationships, which in most cases, besides professional values, is characterized by personal trust.

“Obviously, working on grandiose hotel developments is a prestige and a challenge, and we are delighted that our work has shaped the spaces of many hotels and restaurants in Budapest. However, the design of private residences, homes and villas is just as important and we do not want to neglect this area, in fact, we consciously put these kinds of projects in our portfolio,” says the manager of este’r partners.

Eszter also revealed that she would soon show her international knowledge and solid commercial background of fifteen years of experience in a construction not yet seen on the Hungarian market. And the slogans can be familiar for the clients: partnership, combination of high quality and wonderful atmosphere, and of course the indispensable Italian espresso and prosecco.


Eszter Radnóczy, interior designer in Budapest talks about Stockholm Furniture Fair: “Finely tuned, carefully selected – that’s why we come back.”

The Stockholm Furniture Fair, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, was held in February 2020. The team of este’r partners are regular guests at the fair. “Finely tuned, careful selection presented at a people-centred and human-scale event, we are excited to travel to Stockholm every year,” says Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer and founder of este’r partners.

The Scandinavian furniture fair is a kind of counterpoint to Milan: while there are spectacular new trends, Stockholm is balanced, restrained and human. The overall view of the fair is marked by many pastel shades, emphasis on wood and close-to-nature lifestyle which is typical of Scandinavian countries. We asked the team of este’r partners to tell us which brands and why they were their favorites this year.

Eszter Radnóczy:

ARKKI by lovi

In addition to acoustic plants made from recycled materials, the wood veneer pendant skirt lamps with their folding structure are playful and cozy solutions for modern urban spaces


The Cocoon Lounge Chair is a good example of how to transform a traditional form into a modern, usable design object. Beautiful curvy wood frames the special rattan sides and the upholstery.


Réka Harkay-Farkas:


For me, one of the nicest stands was the Baux company’s, which deals with acoustic panels – the simple yet special pavilion really caught my eye.


The stand of one of our business partners, Forestier Partners, was also interesting, and its simplicity was beautiful, the lamps of all the large collections were on display.


Mónika Szommer:


The Zilenzio stand captivated me with its clarity and pastel colors.


I also found impressive the Modulyss stand, where their materials created color harmonies.

Csilla Szabó:


A combination of technical and decorative lamps in pastel colors with inspiring geometric shapes.

Carl hansen and son- table bench

A fine and beautifully woven multifunctional piece of furniture that fits into the collection of classic wooden Scandinavian chairs.


Elegant cocktail bar with interesting interior design: Minute Lounge&Bar opened on Andrassy Avenue

Metropolitan atmosphere that evokes the coolest places in New York, Milan or Paris: the lounge & bar unit of Hotel Moments’ on Andrássy Avenue opened at the end of November with interior design solutions provided by Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer and her team, the este’r partners. Forest green and dark blue upholstery, glossy eco-leather surfaces, huge mirrors and unique chandeliers exude elegance and clarity. The classic, but clean and sophisticated interior complements the excellent facilities of the historic building.

“We have designed an elegant interior that is enjoyable at all times of the day,  at the same time it shows new solutions and matches the classic character of Andrassy Avenue,” says Eszter Radnóczy, chief designer and founder of este’r partners.

The interior design team employed a number of unique design solutions. Keeping the large, curved windows of the impressive street front façade from Andrassy Avenue draws the eye to the interior of the building. The bar is connected not only to the exterior and but also to the hotel’s large, airy lobby.

The spacious surfaces of the huge U-shaped bar are perfect for admiring the cocktail master from far away or even sitting at the counter. Light-toned wood panels rising to the ceiling emphasize the high ceilings while the light green metallic eco-leather, three-dimensional wall hangings bring playfulness to the spacious space. The elegant effect is enhanced by the dark blue and forest green velvet covers of the chairs and benches. The bar is also upholstered: the three-dimensional eco-leather surfaces are Flukso products from Italy.

The custom-designed brass luminaires follow the shape of the oblong bar. The two central chandeliers, known as Leaf, adorn the living room: they are Italian products of the company called MM Lampadari. Interestingly, the chandelier weighed 40 kilos and, due to its serious size, arrived in several pieces. These, along with the elegant bronze and silver mirror surfaces on the ceiling and walls, add to the experience of the space.

During the first half of the day, the Minute Bar serves breakfast to hotel guests and other customers in the most beautiful setting and during the day it functions as a bistro while in the evening it offers cocktails. The more than 100 square meters bar welcomes its guests with unique cocktails and design solutions that provide a high-quality, exclusive environment at any time of day.


If you wish to publish pictures from the article please kindly indicate that the photos, ordered by este’r partners, were made by Norbert Juhász.

Project leader interior designer: Eszter Radnóczy

Este’r partners team: Szabó Csilla, Gyurics Fanni, Zellei Hajnalka


Take a look into the elegant, new hotels in Andrássy Avenue: here are the first photos

Significant changes are expected in the downtown luxurious hotel market especially in in the following years: several major hotels are set to open between 2019 and 2021. As Forbes magazine outlined the hotel developments in Budapest (May 2019), it seems that Andrássy Avenue 3 and Andrássy Avenue 52 will be renewed based on the interior design plans of este’r partners. Eszter Radnóczy and her team recently showed us the first photos of the two hotels, of their so-called model rooms – it’s the first time we can have a glimpse of the two elegant hotels.

MODEL ROOM: Why, to whom?

Most hotels make model rooms so that customers can actually see how the finished room will look like, see those details that are less understandable in the plans, and any problems or errors that may arise can be modified by the designer. In addition to designers, constructors and operators, “civilian” users test and give their opinion on the model room. The model room brings a special contrast to the life of the hotel: there is a finished, elegant ‘box’ in the middle of the often dusty and noisy building site.

“Ideally, the model room will be completed while the design work is still in progress,” says Eszter Radnóczy, owner and chief designer of the este’r partners. “It is a very good confirmation to the designer that everything he or she has thought of is perfectly feasible within the given framework. When testing a sample room, you should always be prepared for the customer, the operator and the contractor to have a different opinion. Bringing these interests together is the biggest challenge, in addition to delivering the vision and message that was originally envisioned. ”

The two model rooms that were just presented were designed for the hotels in Andrássy Avenue 3rd and 52nd. Andrássy Avenue 3rd is the so-called Saxlehner Palace, which has ornate interiors with frescoes by the famous painter Károly Lotz. Here the interior designers (Eszter Radnóczy, Mónika Szommer) use classic, restrained gestures and guide the hotel visitor from the flamboyance decoration of the exterior to the classic-style hotel rooms. Characteristic elements of interior design solutions are the use of copper cladding mirrors, shades of burgundy, mauve, olive green and deep blue. The wellness area features a custom-designed well where you can put different types of water  (bitter water, thermal water), which can be tried and compared. This is a modern reference to the original builder András Saxlehner, the owner of the thermal springs in Sasad whose wealth was established by the distribution of Hunyadi’s bitter water.

Originally Henrik Haggenmacher asked, the architect of German origin but settled in Hungary, Henrik Schmahl to design the building, Andrássy Avenue 52nd. In the lobby there is a plaster horse statue which is covered with Dreher Brewery labels. The horse, by the way, is a recurring motif in the building. The hotel is located near Oktogon, not specifically somewhere uptown, the design remained sporty and relaxed despite its rigorous decoration. The geometric elements recur, a good example of this is that the designers (Eszter Radnóczy, Hajnalka Zellei) have left the original checkerboard cover on the aisles, which gives rhythm to the moving spaces. While the outside is characterized by black-and-white, inside, red-gray, green-gray, blue-gray geometries will guide the customers’ glance on the carpet, while asymmetrical wall painting on the walls shapes the atmosphere of the space.

The photos of the model rooms were taken by Norbert Juhász, whose architectural photos were previously published by The New York Times. The images will be published for the first time in this press release.